How to properly maintain car batteries in summer

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

The hot summer has already begun. Because of the high temperature, heavy rainfall, and strong dust-level radioactive sources, whether it is a person or a beautiful car, summer is suffering outside.

How to properly maintain car batteries in summer?

First, let us learn the classification of car batteries

At present, there are three main types of car batteries: ordinary car batteries, dry car batteries and maintenance-free car batteries.

Ordinary car battery: The electrode of an ordinary car battery is composed of lead and lead metal oxide, and the electrolyte of the lithium battery is a hydrochloric acid solution. Its main advantages are stable working voltage and low price, but its disadvantages are low specific energy (ie electromagnetic energy stored in 1kg car battery), short service life and normal maintenance.

Dry-charged car battery: The full name is dry-test lead-acid battery car battery. Its main feature is that the negative plate has high energy-saving capacity and can store electricity for 2 years under thoroughly dry conditions. When using, just add lithium battery electrolyte and wait for 20-30 minutes before use.

Maintenance-free car battery: Maintenance-free car battery due to its own structural advantages, the use of lithium battery electrolyte is very small, and basic clean water is used during use.

It also has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, small size, small lithium battery life, and generally long service life.

There are also two types of maintenance-free car batteries on the sales market: the first is to use lithium-ion battery electrolyte at the time of purchase, and then do not use maintenance (add filler): the second is When the original factory is equipped with lithium battery electrolyte, it is charged and blocked. Consumers cannot add filling liquid.

Let us talk about the daily maintenance of car batteries.

1. Turn off the lights and turn off the speakers before parking.

After driving, be sure to turn off the lighting effects (small, very directional, etc.), speakers, and then rest the fire, so that it is not easy to forget to turn off the room lights or direction lights, etc., which will cause battery consumption , More serious charging and discharging, unable to restart. Check again after getting off the car, don't ignore it. Once the light is turned on for a long time, the battery is bad.

Be careful when driving at night, start the car, turn on the lights, speakers, etc.

2. Turn off the air conditioner before turning off the engine.

The power consumption of the central air-conditioning fan motor is very large. Some buyers have developed the habit of turning off the central air-conditioning. When working, the starting load of the car is increased, and the battery is also increased. Long time will cause the battery to wear out.

3. The car has to drive a section of the road every once in a while.

You can’t keep your car parked for a long time, the energy consumption of the battery will gradually decrease, making it difficult to drive. Even if the car cannot be used, it is necessary to start charging for a few days to ensure that the battery is always in good condition.

If the car is often safely close to the road, driving and parking, it will shorten the service cycle of the car battery in the case of long-term under-charge.

It is recommended to drive on the highway at a steady speed for 20-30 minutes to allow enough time to charge the battery.

4. Clean the outside of the battery on time.

Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the battery in time. The control panel, positive and negative poles, ash, oil stains, white powder, etc. will easily lead to cleaning and sorting of waste. Therefore, cleaning the battery frequently can reduce the dirt outside the battery and collect self-charge and discharge. The pile head of the battery is not easy to accumulate more milky acid powder, which will also increase its life. In addition, it can also be used to wipe the special type of vegetable oil on the top of the two electrodes to maintain the battery.

5. Avoid battery failure.

In order to avoid battery failure, it is necessary to note that in the event of a fire, battery charging devices such as CDs and lighters are unnecessary. If there is no electricity, it is easy to cause damage to the battery.

6. Check the battery every six months.

In order to maintain the best characteristics of the battery, it is best to check the battery at a 4s shop every six months to see how the battery works. Generally, the battery life is about three years, and the maintenance and good maintenance can exceed four years. But the longer the time, the less time it takes to check the battery.

7. Observe the battery status indicator in time.

The indicator light is used to display the information storage battery application. Open the key door, when the car starts self-checking, the indicator light will be lit, and it will be completely destroyed after starting. If the battery shows a long light after starting, it indicates that the application of the battery is very difficult. Need to drive to a nearby repair shop for inspection or contact rescue.

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