How to maintain the UPS battery daily?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10
In order to achieve the purpose of activating the battery, restore the original capacity of the battery. '/>

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How to maintain UPS batteries on a daily basis? Time: 2020-07-13 16:52 Source: Unknown Author: admin Click: Times

Maintenance-free battery refers to that the internal environment of the battery does not need to be maintained, not that it can be used arbitrarily. Therefore, in The following aspects should be paid attention to: In order to ensure the good working condition of the battery, the UPS battery that has been left unused for a long time must be charged once every certain time to achieve the purpose of activating the battery and restoring the original capacity of the battery. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that for UPS power supplies with high power supply quality and rare power failures, the input of AC power should be interrupted artificially every certain period (3 months) to make the battery discharge at least in the UPS. The battery pack can provide half of the time, and then recharge, which will extend the life of the battery. ? For batteries of different capacities, it is absolutely not allowed to mix them in series in the same group. Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is not good to use batteries of different capacities in parallel, which will greatly reduce the service life of the batteries. In other words, when battery packs of different capacities are used in parallel, due to the different distribution of the discharge current, the discharge rate must be different for them, but due to the parallel relationship, there will be a complementary relationship, which will also be the same during charging. Therefore, the method of parallel use is unscientific. ? As we said above, the impact of high current discharge on the battery is very bad, so is it better to discharge with a smaller current? The answer is no. We know that when the discharge current is small, the battery can be discharged as deep as possible. When the discharge depth is greater than a certain level, the battery will easily die and lose its ability to recover. This once again shows that when users use a long-time UPS, the calculation of battery capacity should be based on the actual load, not the full load calculation, which means that the larger the UPS capacity and the battery capacity, the better. ? For UPS batteries, temperature is also a very important factor. When the ambient temperature rises by 8 degrees Celsius, the battery life will be reduced by half, and when in use, when the ambient temperature drops, the capacity provided by the battery is used. , That is, the ampere hours will also drop significantly. Therefore, when using UPS power supply at low temperatures, there should be a temperature factor in the test of the standby time, so it is also very necessary to maintain the room temperature (referring to 25 degrees Celsius) when the UPS battery is in use.

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