How to maintain the battery in the UPS Hangzhou battery factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

  Hangzhou Battery Factory

   Many consumers’ reaction: UPS uninterruptible power supply is still brand new, but the lead-acid battery has not been replaced many times. Why? In this regard, the person in charge of lead-acid batteries has the following points:

   First of all, UPS uninterruptible power supply is different from motorcycles. Many users in a hurry or overweight items cause UPS uninterrupted energy storage battery overload drive, and the drive meter clearly indicates that the power is insufficient, and further drive will only cause damage to the lead-acid battery. 'Therefore, the person in charge of the lead-acid battery believes that if the emergence of UPS uninterruptible power supply can no longer carry the premise of moving, do not continue to carry people and things, so as to avoid the deep discharge of the lead-acid battery and cause damage to it.

  Second, the charging time should be protected. Many users often have to charge for several hours to cut off the power for the charging time, and continue to drive, so that the lead-acid battery cannot have enough Power supply, of course, users, etc. When all the electricity is used for charging, these practices are the most harmful to the life of lead-acid batteries. If lead-acid batteries are not used for a long time, not only can the life of lead-acid batteries be guaranteed, but also It also has a certain maintenance effect on lead-acid batteries.

   Third, reduce the habit of fast braking. Many users who have just learned UPS uninterruptible power supply often use fast braking when encountering heavy vehicles in order to avoid traffic accidents. Control progress. It must be known that rapid braking is the most harmful to the capacity of lead-acid batteries. In order to avoid rapid braking, low speed must be the mainstay. If the speed is too fast, it will not only damage the UPS uninterruptible power supply, but also cause greater harm to the lead-acid battery.

   Fourth, there are many ways to maintain UPS uninterruptible power supply batteries, which depend on the user's control of UPS uninterruptible power supply in peacetime. For example, when the UPS uninterruptible power supply starts to run, the user can use both human and motor starting methods at the same time, that is, lead-acid batteries can be maintained, and the impact damage of lead-acid batteries can be avoided. Especially the newly purchased UPS uninterruptible power supply, pay attention to maintenance will have a certain impact on mileage and use time.

  Of course, among the lead-acid batteries that select UPS uninterruptible power supply, the lead-acid battery is responsible for the high-quality UPS uninterruptible power supply lead-acid battery brand + good maintenance. It is more conducive to the convenience of users in the application. Lead-acid batteries, as the leading brand of high-quality UPS uninterruptible power supply lead-acid batteries, provide users with a lot of convenience and the best choice in this regard. Contact: 18038382979


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