How to maintain the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The battery believes that anyone with a little knowledge of automobiles knows that this is the energy source of the automobile electrical system. Since the knowledge of car maintenance has become more and more popular, many car owners have been dumbfounded at the battery-how to check whether there is a problem in such a square box? How to maintain it? In response to this problem, the editor compiled the results after consulting professionals for your reference. Nowadays, many batteries are maintenance-free. Of course, there is no need for the owner to check his battery fluid. In fact, you can't check it. It is completely enclosed. You must not disassemble or add distilled water without authorization. But more batteries still need to be maintained by the car owner. In fact, the main thing is to check whether its battery fluid is sufficient, otherwise it will affect its performance and even cause the battery to end its life prematurely, which is a pity. When checking the battery fluid, just check whether it is between the two horizontal lines. As in this, then it is suitable and no other work is required. If the liquid level is lower than the bottom line, you need to add battery fluid, which can be added at a repair shop or 4S shop, or you can add it after purchasing it at a decoration shop or auto parts shop. If you find that the battery fluid is fast drying, but you can't find the battery fluid of distilled water for a while, you can buy a bottle of the pure water cited as the battery fluid for emergency.
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