How to maintain battery? -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
Believe that as long as a bit of a battery automotive knowledge knows that this is the energy source of the electric system. Since the car maintenance knowledge is more and more popular, many owners was dumbfounded at battery & ndash; — So boxy how to check whether have problem? How to maintain? Aiming at this problem, small make up after consulting professionals to sort out the results for your reference. Now many are maintenance-free battery, of course, there is no need for the owner himself check his battery fluid, in fact you don't check, it is completely enclosed, should not be opened without authorization, and distilled water. But more accumulator still need the owner himself, in fact the main is to check whether its battery liquid enough quantity, otherwise very affect its performance, even cause battery in life, is very regrettable. Check the battery fluid as long as the check if it is in between the two horizontal lines, as in this, it's appropriate, don't need to do other work. If the quantity of liquid level is lower than the bottom line, you will need to add the battery fluid, can be added to the repair shop or 4 s shop, also can oneself to accessories shop or auto parts store to add after purchase. If it is found that the battery fluid fast dry, but at that time and couldn't find the distilled water, battery fluid can buy a bottle of reference water ACTS as a storage battery fluid to emergency.
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