How to maintain and replace car batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Although the average service life of a car battery can reach 2-3 years, some car owners are forced to replace and disassemble the battery due to the usual bad car usage habits, so everyone must also develop good car usage habits. .

It is very common to forget to turn off the lights when parking. This causes many car owners to run out of batteries the next day and the car cannot start. However, with the optimization of automotive products, there will be a sound warning if the headlights are not turned off after parking, or some cars will automatically turn off the lights after 30 seconds, which reduces the damage to the battery caused by forgetting to turn off the lights.

But in addition to the headlights, other lighting effects such as the reading lights in the car or other electrical equipment in the car, if you forget to turn off after turning off the flame, it may also cause the battery to lose power after a night. Start the car.

In this case, if you have the conditions, you can try to charge the battery until you can start the car. Or you may have to change the battery. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace the battery, it is better to develop good habits. The charging and discharging capacity of the battery is weakened, and it will run badly or produce squeaking noise when starting.

For vehicles whose batteries are replaced due to a discharge failure, the sleep current of the vehicle needs to be checked. The traditional method is to put the digital multimeter in the current block, lock the negative wire of the battery, close all door locks, turn off the ignition switch, turn on the anti-theft alarm, and stand still for a period of time until the current stabilizes.

When removing the old battery, you must cancel the negative level first, and then cancel the positive level, because the body is connected to the negative level of the battery. If the positive level is taken first, the screw starter may encounter the body during the entire disassembly process. Once the positive and negative levels of the battery are connected, it may cause a short circuit failure and burn the battery. Therefore, the disassembly should be negative and positive first, but when the installation is reversed, the positive and negative one should be followed.

If the special tools have been prepared, the common problems will be understood after understanding. In fact, the disassembly of the battery is relatively simple, not much energy. At this stage, most of the batteries are located in the diesel engine warehouse (some pure electric vehicles are located in the rear box), some batteries have protective sleeves on the outside, and some batteries are immediately exposed to the outside. Next, take the on-site mg5 car system as an example to show you how to replace the battery.

The average temperature of the battery is 25. When it drops by 1 degree, the energy capacity of the battery will decrease, and the volume will be repaired as the temperature rises.

In the ultra-low temperature natural environment, many power mechanical equipment such as seats, mirrors, car steering wheels, etc., laminated glass demisters and other power machinery must use electricity, which increases the working pressure of many powers.

Everyone knows that all ordinary car batteries take two and a half to three years.

General car maintenance, the teacher will help you replace it. Naturally, the details will depend on your driving habits.

In the absence of other elements, if you suddenly find that the car is difficult to start, this will be a signal and the battery will be damaged. There is also a situation in natural winter, that is, it is difficult to start cold in winter. It depends on whether the car is a new car or a car that has been similar to a damaged battery.

As a part of the software management center of the DC power supply system, the battery is used to store electromagnetic energy, deal with the abnormal grid and unique working conditions, and ensure the normal operation of the system software.

The battery life is generally three years. When the car is basically repaired, the car maintenance worker will check and tell you whether you want to change it. The natural conditions still depend on your driving habits.

For example, when you wait for a green light or stop on the side of the road, your car lights suddenly dim. This is because the battery charging and output power of the diesel engine will decrease when the speed is waiting. If the battery cannot be used at this time, and for other machines in the car power supply system, the car’s light consumption is very large, and the power supply system will not be enough Produces the dark effect of light.

When the battery failure light is on, you should go to the repair shop to repair and check the battery.

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