How to judge whether the car battery needs to be replaced?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
1. The design life of the battery is 27 months. If it reaches or approaches this time limit and there are the following phenomena, it is recommended to replace it.   You can turn on the headlights for inspection. If the light is white, it means that the battery is normal; if the light is red and dim, it means that the power is insufficient. Turn on the starter, if the speed is normal and the light is slightly dimmed, but there is still enough brightness, it means that the battery is good and the charge is sufficient; if the starter appears weak and the light becomes very dim, it means that the battery is over-discharged. Immediately charge for maintenance or replacement.   When the horn is not in the car, the sound is relatively small, indicating that the battery power is relatively weak, and you should be careful. 2. How long is the life of the car battery? What are the factors that affect the life of the battery? How to use it to extend the life of the battery?    The design life of the battery is 27 months, the general family car is more economical, and the new car battery is used a lot. 3 -4 years, but after replacing it once, it is generally necessary to replace it in about 2 years. Taxis are more expensive, and a single train can last around 8-10 months for a double train. Several factors that affect the battery life are: vehicle conditions, road conditions, and driver’s habits. Generally, the newer the car, the more the battery will be saved, because the motor is easy to use and the generator is easy to use. The battery can be fully charged. After the car is old, especially that After the two large motor generators are replaced, the price difference between the original and refurbished products of the two products on the market is huge, so it is easy for the car owner not to replace the original parts, and then the battery is more likely to break.  Often off-road batteries are easy to break, and car batteries have a technical index to indicate the anti-vibration performance of the battery! If the working environment of the qualified battery is not good, it will often vibrate, of course, it will be bad.   Novice driving battery is easy to damage, because novice drivers generally lack the common sense of vehicle use.  3. How to identify the authenticity of the battery?    The upper side of the Fengfan battery has the date of manufacture, preferably no more than 6 months, and the upper surface has an anti-counterfeiting label.  The upper end of the Varta battery has a laser sprayed out date. The number indicates the year of manufacture and the letter indicates the month. Other manufacturers have also sprayed the factory date. The best anti-counterfeiting is to find a more trustworthy company to replace it. Also, don’t be greedy for cheap. The sales competition of batteries is fierce, and the profit margin is less than 10%. Obviously low, you'd better not buy.
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