How to improve the service life of UPS batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

Working temperature is very important to UPS battery:

UPS battery is a traditional traction battery. The battery charging and discharging have certain requirements. In extreme working environments, the temperature adjustment requirements are more stringent. When the temperature exceeds 25°C, the UPS battery capacity of the uninterruptible power supply is higher than the rated capacity.

When the working temperature is less than 25℃, the battery capacity is less than the rated capacity. The volume changes with changes in temperature. Maintenance personnel must ensure that the charge and discharge current of the bottle are effectively adjusted according to the specific changes in temperature, and the temperature of the bottle is maintained within the range of 2235°C. The high temperature application in the natural environment is the key reason why the specific life of the battery cannot reach the design life.

When the UPS temperature increases by 10°C, the current acceptance rate under stable operating voltage will double, and the battery life will be reduced due to the increase in the total battery charge. The basic rule of the operation and maintenance of the UPS power battery is to keep the battery overcharged. When the power system is independent, 80% of the short-circuit capacity should be released.

How to improve the service life of UPS batteries?

1. In order to maintain a proper working temperature, the technical parameters of the UPS battery are calibrated at 20 standard indoor temperatures. The increase in operating temperature will lead to an increase in the specificity of the organic chemistry inside the battery, which will result in a large amount of energy, and will also promote the increase in the ambient operating temperature. This polarization will accelerate the reduction of battery life.

2. UPS batteries should be charged and discharged on time. UPS batteries are usually charged and discharged every 2-3 months. The charging and discharging time can be determined according to the size and load of the battery. After the battery is charged and discharged, the battery is charged for 8 hours.

3. The terminal voltage and internal resistance of the UPS switching power supply rechargeable battery of each module should be maintained regularly, and the rechargeable battery of each module should be balancedly charged to repair the internal resistance of the battery and clear each module The terminal voltage of the rechargeable battery is unbalanced.

4. Re-floating, UPS battery shutdown for more than 10 days, before restarting, the main body of the battery charging control circuit should not be used again under the standard starting power load for more than 10-12 hours of load operation.

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