How to improve the service life of electric forklift batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

The batteries used in electric forklifts are usually lead-acid batteries. Since lead-acid batteries are relatively expensive, it is more necessary to carry out maintenance work to increase the service life of the batteries and save direct costs. So how does the battery of an electric forklift improve its service life?

1. Electric forklifts must be well distributed under the condition of battery charging. Electric forklifts are equipped with digital display instruments on the lights. Under normal circumstances, when the vehicle battery charging depth is guaranteed to be in the middle of 70% to 50% When, the battery charging time is also better.

When the power consumption of the electric forklift battery is not enough, recharge the battery as soon as possible to avoid the power loss of the electric forklift. Although the electric forklift automatic control system has the maintenance function of power loss, when the long-term maintenance function does not charge the battery until the maintenance function is effective, the capacity of the battery is reduced every time the electric forklift loses power. Then the battery capacity of the electric forklift will become smaller.

2. In the case of choosing a charger for the electric forklift battery, you need to choose a suitable charger. All forklift battery chargers are used for smart chargers. It can automatically adjust the total current of battery charging, and can automatically distinguish the charging level and how small the battery is. The charging current can be adjusted fully automatically, which can effectively activate the capacity of the rechargeable battery and reduce the vulcanized rubber of the pole piece.

3. In fact, electric forklifts can generally be charged. Even if the forklift is no longer working, the battery has a large amount of power. The forklift can charge the battery, at least to ensure that the battery is charged every day, so that the forklift can be kept in a shallow breathing system Increase the storage capacity of forklifts.

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