How to fix electrolyte in maintenance-free lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Label: The fixed electrolyte of the maintenance-free lead-acid battery uses the same oxygen recombination principle, but due to the different fixed electrolyte technology and different oxygen recombination channel technology, it can be divided into two types of lead-acid batteries The two types are AGM [Absorpitve Glass Met with high porosity] technology and GEL technology (colloid), so they are also called AGM batteries and gel batteries. These two types of batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. At present, AGM maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are still used in the telecommunications, power and other markets. 1. AGM technology UPS batteries using AGM technology, AGM partitions adopt U-shaped cladding method (S-shaped cladding method can also be used). Features of UPS battery cells using AGM technology: low internal resistance, ultra-fine glass wool separators absorb electrolyte, so that there is no electrolyte in the battery, AGM separators have a porosity of more than 93%, and about 10% of them As a channel for recombination of O2 precipitated from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, it can realize the circulation of oxygen and achieve the purpose of battery sealing. 2. Gel technology (colloid technology) The characteristics of the gel battery: the internal resistance is large, and the thixotropic SiO2 colloid is used to absorb the electrolyte, so that the electrolyte does not flow. The composite channel of O2 with colloidal micro-cracks. In the early stage of gel battery use, since the gel failed to form a large number of micro-cracks, the recombination efficiency of oxygen was low.
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