How to extend the service life of electric vehicle batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-13
Label: Extending the life of electric vehicle batteries is one of the most important links for reducing expenditures for electric vehicle users.   Electric vehicle batteries are mainly liquid batteries, which require regular refills. Proper use and maintenance and regular fluid replenishment will greatly extend the life of the battery and reduce costs.  How to use and maintain the battery correctly?   1. Accelerate slowly. Try to keep driving at a medium speed. Driving at a medium speed is the most energy-efficient and has the least impact on the battery. The author has done experiments. The new battery can travel about 60 kilometers at a speed of no more than 15 kilometers per hour. If it is 25 kilometers per hour, it can only travel about 45 kilometers. 2. Don't suddenly accelerate greatly while driving. Amplitude acceleration means that the battery is discharged by strong current, which not only damages the battery plate, makes the battery capacity drop quickly and shortens the life, but also easily burns the switch contacts of the key switch (commonly known as the silk tail).  3. The characteristics of timely charging of lead-acid batteries should be fully charged and stored, do not wait for the battery to be discharged and then recharged, this will accelerate the vulcanization of the battery plate, so that the capacity of the battery will quickly decrease and the life span will be shortened.   4. Timely replenishment of liquid storage batteries rely on the chemical reaction of a certain concentration of sulfuric acid solution and lead to generate electricity. Once the liquid is insufficient, the battery will quickly heat up and damage during use. Therefore, it is very important to replenish the liquid in time.   The purchase of batteries should also be cautious.    1. Purchase pure lead-acid batteries. Reputable products should be selected. According to the experience of many years of use, the technology of pure lead-acid batteries is mature and the quality is guaranteed. There is a so-called 'silicone body' battery made of new high-tech materials on the market. Due to the immature technology and unstable quality, the problem of insufficient capacity appears soon after driving. 2. Purchase the battery with the upper cover that can be withdrawn and the positioning groove structure. Because the battery needs to be refilled many times with the liquid, the upper cover can be withdrawn, and the battery with the positioning groove structure can be opened and filled easily, and the cover is inserted after the liquid Just restore. The upper cover of some batteries is glued, and only a tool is used to pry open when adding liquid. It is very easy to pry and crack and cannot be restored to its original state.
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