How to extend the service life of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Many battery users will have a wrong understanding, that is, the battery is not a difficult thing, its structure and production are actually very simple, so they don’t pay much attention to maintenance during normal use. And maintenance, and even developed a lot of bad habits, which caused the battery that should have a service life of three to five years to end after only half to one year of use. In fact, there are some methods for the service life of the battery. To extend it.

   First of all, we can observe that there is a vent hole on the battery, which is not very obvious, so we often don't pay attention to this place. However, this small hole is often blocked by dust or other foreign objects. If it is not cleaned in time, the gas generated by the battery during operation cannot be released, resulting in an increase in internal pressure. If this situation is allowed to develop, the final result will be damage to the battery shell, and even an explosion will occur when the pressure reaches the limit. So check this pore frequently and make sure it is unobstructed.

  Secondly, the electrolyte content of the battery needs to be checked from time to time, mainly by looking at its scale line. If the scale is low, add distilled water in time to prevent extreme Board vulcanization.

  Using the above methods can prolong the service life of the battery, so everyone should pay attention to it during use.


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