How to extend the life of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-13
Tags: To extend the life of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, we must first understand the main factors that affect the life of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. There are two main factors: one is internal factors, and the other is external factors. The internal factors of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are mainly caused by a series of battery aging phenomena caused by charging and discharging, such as corrosion deformation of the positive grid, shedding of positive active material, softening, irreversible sulfation, premature loss of capacity, and antimony in the activity Material accumulation, excessive current during charging, and excessive temperature of the battery itself, these factors have a direct impact on maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. In view of the above factors, consumers should buy better-quality batteries. Generally, reputable lead-acid battery manufacturers have a certain monitoring system for product quality to ensure safe use. The external factors of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries include the following:   1) Depth of discharge. The depth of discharge is the extent to which the discharge starts during use. The life of lead-acid batteries is greatly affected by the depth of discharge. The focus of design consideration is deep cycle use, shallow cycle use or floating charge use. If a shallow-cycle battery is used in a deep-cycle way, the lead-acid battery will quickly fail. Therefore, the deeper the depth of discharge, the shorter the cycle life.   2) Overcharge level. A large amount of gas is released during overcharging, and at this time, the positive electrode active material is subject to gas shock, which will promote the active material to fall off. In addition, the positive grid alloy is also subject to severe anodic oxidation and corrosion, so the battery life will be shortened when the battery is overcharged.  3) The influence of temperature. Within a certain temperature range, the battery life will be prolonged as the temperature rises. Between 10~35℃, for every 1℃ increase, approximately 5~6 charge-discharge cycles will increase. Between 35~45℃, every 1℃ increase can prolong life by more than 25 cycles; above 50℃, it will be due to The vulcanization capacity of the negative electrode is lost and life is limited. Battery life increases with increasing temperature within a certain temperature range because the capacity increases with increasing temperature. If the discharge capacity does not change, the depth of discharge decreases when the temperature rises, so the life is extended.  4) The influence of acid concentration. As the acid concentration increases, the battery life of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries decreases.  5) The influence of maintenance-free lead-acid battery discharge current density. As the discharge current density increases, the battery's lifespan decreases, because both the high current density and high acid concentration conditions cause the positive electrode Pb02 to fall off loosely. Temperature, acid concentration, and current density have more obvious effects on the life of starter batteries.
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