How to escort your battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
The battery (commonly known as the battery) is one of the indispensable and very important parts of the car. Without it, our car cannot start; then how do we use and maintain it correctly?   1. It is not allowed to park for a long time to let the battery supply power.  2. Do not let the battery loose at the installation position.  3. Do not use an open flame when observing the battery. It will explode immediately if it encounters an open flame.  4. The battery can neither be undercharged nor overcharged.  5. The battery cannot be left unused for a long time after adding liquid.   Regarding the car owner encountering such a situation on the road, the professional car maintenance person Zhang Master said that if the battery suddenly runs out, there is still a way to save himself. The first and most effective emergency method is to push the car to generate electricity. However, this method cannot be used frequently, because frequent use will cause certain damage to the engine and clutch. Automatic transmission vehicles should be avoided because it will even more damage to the vehicle.  Secondly, the vehicle owner should prepare a jumper cable in the vehicle so that it can interact with the rescue vehicle to generate electricity. However, when connecting this cable, do not make a mistake in the connection sequence. First connect the positive terminal of the dead battery to the positive terminal of the rescue car battery, and then connect the negative terminal of the other vehicle to the dead car engine. Metal connection. After the cable is connected, the engine of the rescue vehicle can be started, and the engine speed can be increased slightly, so that the dead battery can be charged in an emergency. In addition, it is worth noting that the connecting wires should be removed in the reverse order of the cables.
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