How to do the daily maintenance of forklift batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

When using forklift batteries, you must pay attention to daily maintenance. Before driving, check whether the battery holder is firm. When charging the battery daily, remember to fully charge and unplug the power source.

How to do the daily maintenance of forklift batteries?

1. As the application habit of forklift battery products, in the whole application process, it is not necessary to put into work immediately when starting, because the operating voltage and current at starting have very large instantaneous values. Easily lead to current breakdown and so on.

2. As a kind of construction machinery and equipment, electric forklifts often have to carry out heavy-duty work. Vibration and shaking are inevitable, so attention should be paid to them during work. The screws are not loose to avoid battery breakdown caused by the operation of the rechargeable battery.

3. For batteries that are charged under normal conditions, it should be borne in mind that it is best to unplug the battery when it is fully charged, because the battery is charged for a long time, which will shorten the life of the battery.

How to solve common faults of forklift batteries?

1. The forklift battery cannot be charged, and the battery charge is displayed as 0. Be careful this time. Turn off the switching power supply and leave it outside for an hour before discharging the original battery with electrostatic induction, and then charging and testing. No, it must be a technical tool to open the battery box, remove the apparently packaged battery, and then connect the remaining battery. People will find that rechargeable batteries can be charged and used.

2. The battery electrolyte is seriously damaged, the electrolyte level is low, and the electrolyte level is generally low. This should be calibrated with the electrolyte or the balance battery battery charge (several times stronger), but the lithium battery electrolyte maintenance and Maintenance is very simple. Generally, lead-acid batteries can only be filled with pure water tanks. The battery charging system software has a low working voltage and is extremely coated with glycerin to avoid corrosion! Pay attention to the liquid level ratio and the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte!

3. The battery capacity of the forklift is insufficient. This situation is usually due to improper charging of the battery and the battery charge level is full. At this time, the electric forklift should be stopped.

4. If there is a forklift battery, you should stop this situation immediately to check whether the battery is defective, and then use a clean towel to clean the rechargeable battery to clean the presence of exposed transmission lines, etc., if there is no reason to check Repairs must be dismantled immediately.

5. Overcharging and overcharging will increase the water loss of the battery, accelerate the corrosion of the grid, the softening of the active material, and increase the probability of battery deformation. The main parameters of the charging head should match the battery, and fully understand the battery's operation at high temperatures. This is due to the common failure of the charging head. Check the charging head immediately to ensure that all the charging heads are working properly.

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