How to determine that the battery of a motorcycle is broken?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

How to determine that the battery of a motorcycle is broken? Insert the start key of the motorcycle, press the horn on the handlebar, the sound is loud and loud, which means the battery is OK. On the contrary, the sound is small and weak or there is no sound directly, after pressing it several times, the sound changes from loud to small to inaudible, it is the battery The loss is serious. Among the various electrical appliances of motorcycles, the power consumption of the starter motor is the largest. As long as the battery can drive the starter motor to rotate at a normal speed during electric starting, it can be considered that the battery power is sufficient. If the battery power is insufficient , It will make it impossible to pull the starter motor during electric start. If the power loss is serious, it will also affect the lights, horns and other electrical appliances.

No fault? Generally, there is no fault when checking the battery. It is nothing more than checking the voltage, discharging current and saving the power. The easiest way is to install the battery on a motorcycle and leave it for a day. The battery should be fully charged at night. Unscrew the positive pole. Connected to the next day, if the electric start is normal and strong, it means that the battery is stored normally, the voltage is normal, and the current is OK. If the electric start is weak the next day, it may be no electricity.

Open the battery cover to see if the electrolyte is not turbid

First look at the type of battery, and then the color of the battery!

If the motorcycle is not charging, judge whether the charger is broken or the coil is broken. You can first use a multimeter to measure the lighting charging coil of the magneto. On an AC-illuminated car, use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the lighting charging coil and the ground. On a DC-illuminated car, use the same method to measure the lighting charging coil. The resistance between the wires.

1. First, we start the engine and let the engine speed around 3000 rpm

2. Turn off all the lighting circuits and remove the secondary cover of the battery. Disconnect the battery fuse

3. Use the DC 20A gear of the universal meter, plug the red tip of the universal meter into 20A and the black tip into COM. Connect the red test lead to the output of the rectifier and the black test lead to the battery

4. The current value of the universal meter should be around, indicating the charging current, which can directly eliminate the rectifier coil failure

5. After turning off the electric door lock, the current is almost equal to 0. If the meter shows 0 or more, it should be the electric door lock wire is purely discharging and leaking.

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