How to deal with the high temperature of lead-acid battery charging

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-30
Labels: Lead-acid batteries may be overheated during the charging and repairing process. If the temperature is too high and not handled, it is easy to damage the battery and cause danger. When the overall temperature of the battery exceeds 40 degrees (feeling hot to touch with your hands), first check whether the charging voltage and current are too high. If they are normal, they should be cooled down. There are three methods as follows: (1) cooling by fan; (2) immersing 2/3 of the battery in water to cool down without interrupting repair work (such as charging and discharging, desulfurization, etc.), but because water is a conductive substance, it is in operation The process should be handled with great care to avoid accidents; (3) Reduce the charging current (such as shunting batteries in parallel) and lengthen the charging time.
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