How to correctly use the internal resistance meter to measure the capacity and life of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  Some friends bought an internal resistance meter or battery condition tester, but it didn’t work. The internal resistance meter lies in the warehouse and sleeps for the following reasons:

   1. The instrument itself is not easy to use, the test consistency of the purchased equipment is not good, and the temperature drift is too large. For some internal resistance meters, for the same battery, the test contact points are different, the measured internal resistance value may be more than twice the difference, and the first and tenth test values u200bu200bmay also be doubled. This kind of instrument cannot be used to judge special characteristics. The health of the battery.

  2. The method used is not correct. In the judgment, the standard value recommended by the instrument manufacturer is used to judge whether a good battery is a bad battery and a bad battery is a good battery. In fact, batteries do not have the feeling of standard internal resistance values, and the internal resistance values u200bu200bof similar batteries of the same capacity are different. Many experts in our country have conducted a lot of demonstrations on this conclusion. Our internal resistance meter does not rely on standard values u200bu200bto judge the health of the battery. The IEEE1188-2005 standard also refers to the initial value of the battery's internal resistance. What needs to be modified here is that what we call internal resistance is actually just a judgment.

  3. Use the internal resistance meter instead of the discharge meter to judge the retention ability, the results show that the results are very different. The retention capacity mentioned earlier is not equal to the state of charge. The retention capacity is equal to the product of the state of charge and the rate of change of internal resistance. Now the capacity value given by many internal resistance testers is the inherent capacity, and the discharge meter checks the retention capacity, so there will be differences. . If the battery is assumed to be in a 100% charged state, the inherent capacity is equal to the holding capacity. Because of space, I cannot talk about this issue. This intelligent battery state tester has the function of calculating the reserved capacity, and the reliability of the test has been verified at Wanli Battery Factory. However, not all internal resistance meters have this function, and this choice happens from time to time.

   At present, the internal resistance test method is the only feasible method for battery maintenance and testing. The use method of the internal resistance tester is very simple, similar to a multimeter, but the testing mechanism behind it is very complicated. Different types of batteries have different evaluation indicators and different display levels after testing. Once the secondary battery is different, the backup power supply and the starting power battery are also different. The deep discharge of the special battery and the shallow discharge special battery are different. You must choose the instrument suitable for your use when purchasing. In addition, we should add some theoretical knowledge to understand the special The characteristics of the battery are used to ensure that your battery always maintains a good technical condition. Contact: 18038382979


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