How to choose UPS power battery correctly

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17
Label: The higher the UPS battery capacity, the higher the price. Therefore, many UPS power users use multiple sets of small-capacity batteries in parallel to achieve the required capacity of the UPS power supply in order to reduce the cost. Although it feels no different from using large-capacity batteries in use, due to the large number of small-capacity batteries, the performance uniformity is poor. If multiple sets of batteries with uneven performance are connected in parallel, the poor performance will drag down the good performance, resulting in The entire UPS battery pack fails prematurely. Therefore, it is very important to select the UPS power battery correctly. The current performance uniformity is mainly measured according to the battery voltage uniformity. There are many domestic standards. For example, the Ministry of Information Industry YD/T799-1996 standard requires that the float charge voltage difference of the entire battery 2V unit at 25°C is not more than ±50mV , The open-circuit voltage difference is not more than ±20mV; the Ministry of Electric Power DL/T637-1997 standard requires that: at 25℃, if the battery system uses 2V/cell, the difference between the highest and lowest open-circuit voltage should not exceed 30mV, 6V/cell does not exceed 40mV, and 12V/cell does not exceed 60mV. Generally, the number of batteries in parallel should not exceed 4 groups. In order to prevent the premature failure of the entire battery system, when selecting batteries, requirements should be put forward in terms of performance uniformity. After the battery model is determined, it is best to require the manufacturer to provide the same batch of battery products in a set of UPS system to reduce the difference in performance. For the same reason, batteries of different brands or different levels of new and old are recommended not to be mixed due to large performance differences. Finally, it should be particularly pointed out that even if the appropriate VRLA is selected, some necessary daily maintenance and management are required to avoid premature battery failure.
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