How to choose UPS battery and maintenance method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

How to choose UPS batteries and maintenance methods:

Due to the unstable quality of switching power supplies, it often leads to the destruction, failure and loss of key raw materials in the hardware structure of computer equipment, and continuous power management systems have gradually become an insufficiency Standard weapon equipment to obtain computer equipment. However, how to buy UPS is often confused with users, and the key component of switching power supply is the battery. To choose a good UPS, we need to choose a good, well-known brand battery. The following methods teach you how to buy

1. Whether a specific battery

There are many types of sealed lead-acid batteries, and the importance and function characteristics of different types of batteries in production and production are inconsistent; fixed The battery is a wet charging product, which deprives the lithium battery of life, long floating life, and strong overcharge capability; starting batteries such as automobiles are instant products, focusing on the frequency effect of dry charging high current starting and circulation system; therefore, UPS management The main concern of the system is whether it is a special battery.

2. External query

Because there is no way to distinguish the quality of the battery from the application for a certain period of time, the buyer needs to look at the outer packaging of the battery before only obtaining the direct brand image from the outside. Whether the box is sturdy and delicate, whether the battery casing and the terminals of the connection are clean and bright, whether the sealing is good, whether the terminals are welded firmly, whether there is no leakage, deformation, cracks, corrosion, etc., reflect the quality of the battery from the outer surface.

3. Battery charging query

The capacity of the battery can be measured according to the battery charging test. The newly purchased battery is charged continuously for 8 hours, and the test is under load. The resistance value is unavoidable when carried out under inductive load.

4. Continuity issues

Under the condition of floating charge, the VRLA rechargeable battery is a negative absorption heat pump management system. Within 6 months after the first use, float charge The operating voltage will be unstable and gradually equalize. After 6 months, the floating voltage difference of each rechargeable battery should not exceed 10mV.

UPS battery is the key to the lack of UPS, and its maintenance methods cannot be ignored. The following four maintenance methods: (1) Increase the working voltage of the rechargeable battery or when the extreme temperature is too high, When it is found that the working voltage of the rechargeable battery is increased or the working temperature is too high, when the working temperature of the battery working voltage is too high, it should be raised to the manufacturer and clearly resolved.

(2) Carry out volume charge and discharge every year or every two years. If the volume is insufficient, it should be raised and resolved immediately to the manufacturer.

(3) Generally, it is not considered that rechargeable batteries are charged. After charging, unloading or safety accidents, technicians must go to the rechargeable battery room immediately to charge the rechargeable battery and query the battery's charging motor Current to prevent excessive current.

(4) For half a year or often ask whether the bolt is loose from the grounding pin, sort out the floating dust on the rechargeable battery, separate the dust on the pole and the butt joint, and prevent the rechargeable battery from moving or grounding the device.

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