How to choose solar street lamp battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

With the continuous improvement of new energy development technology, the country is vigorously implementing energy saving and emission reduction, and the application of solar street lamp systems is becoming more and more common. As a core accessory in the system, how should solar street lamp batteries be used?

Currently, solar street lamp batteries mainly include lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

1. Lead-acid battery: The electrode of lead-acid battery is composed of lead and lead metal oxide, and the electrolyte of lithium battery is hydrochloric acid solution. The key advantages of lead-acid batteries are relatively stable operating voltage, low price, and high safety factor. The disadvantage is that lead-acid batteries are relatively short and have much larger capacity than conventional batteries. However, due to their brand advantages, they are still used in solar lamp manufacturing. Dominant.

2. Gel battery: It is a brand new lead-acid battery upgrade, no maintenance and less maintenance. The key is to replace lithium-ion battery electrolyte with lithium-ion battery electrolyte, and gradually improve the storage capacity, charge-discharge capacity, safety factor and service life. In addition, the entire temperature range of the gel battery is wide, which can be used in the temperature range of -40cmdashmdash65c, and the ultra-low temperature characteristics are better. The gel battery is the best choice for cold regions or high tropical climates in the north, and its seismic performance is also very good, and it can be safe Applied to various extreme standards.

Ternary lithium battery: Ternary lithium battery has many advantages, high specific performance, small size, fast charging, and high price. The frequency of its deep cycle system is about 500-800 times, the service life is similar to that of gel batteries, and the application temperature range is -15c-45c. However, ternary lithium-ion batteries also have shortcomings and poor safety factors. If the internal battery is unstable, or the manufacturer of the ternary lithium-ion battery is only shut down, it is likely to explode under overcharge or high-temperature natural environments.

4. Lithium iron phosphate battery: high specific energy, small size, fast battery charging, reliability is also very good, the application field is also very wide, but the price is the largest of all rechargeable batteries. At present, due to cost issues, the application of lead-acid batteries or colloidal solution batteries has not been scaled up, because most of the solar light system software currently uses lead-acid batteries or colloidal solution batteries, so the maintenance and protection of these two types of batteries are carried out. Detailed description:

1. Avoid overcharging

The service life of solar batteries and the heat storage of solar batteries are not only maintenance, but also related to the accumulation of heat storage of batteries. If solar batteries Overcharge, the temperature in the battery will gradually increase. If it is more serious, the life of the rechargeable battery will be greatly reduced, and even the battery report will be destroyed. If you want to avoid overcharging the battery, you need to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and provide the battery charging operating voltage.

2. Avoid undercharging

In addition to avoiding overcharging, solar panels should also avoid undercharging the battery. It is also possible that the battery charge is insufficient to cause the sound card rack system software removal problem, or due to low operating voltage. Often the battery is not charged enough to reduce the cycle frequency of the rechargeable battery, which will also reduce the service life of the battery.

3. Avoid power loss

The deep charge and discharge layer of the battery is closely related to the design of the charge cycle system. For example, if the depth of charge and discharge is 10%, the frequency of the circulatory system is 10, and the depth of charge and discharge is 70%, and the frequency of the circulatory system is only 500. The deeper the charge and discharge, the lower the frequency.

If the excessive charge and discharge are more serious, the battery life will be shorter and more serious, which will cause the battery to be unable to be stimulated to the best state, or even damaged at one time. In order to avoid excessive charging and discharging of this kind of rechargeable battery, it is necessary to install a bms system software in the rechargeable battery, so that the working voltage of the rechargeable battery can be adjusted, the current and voltage between the rechargeable batteries can be balanced, and it is not easy to eat a state.

4. Control the ambient temperature

Very high natural conditions will reduce the life of solar cells by half, so the operation of solar cells is very important. It takes a long time to charge the battery at room temperature, and it is sinful to recharge the battery in hot weather. If the natural environment is extremely relative and there are ultra-low temperature or ultra-high temperature conditions, it is best to use the temperature of the gel battery that is full of various application ranges.

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