How to choose a suitable lead-acid battery by model

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Label: Label: Lead-acid battery model For users who are unfamiliar with lead-acid batteries, when the battery needs to be changed, many purchase them according to the model identification on the original battery. However, some imported lead-acid batteries do not clearly mark their nominal capacity. Unless the original brand is bought back, it is difficult to find the same model in China. However, the brands of lead-acid batteries on the market are uneven, and some It is really difficult to retrieve the original brand, and some imported lead-acid batteries are different because each country has different models of lead-acid batteries. How can I find the corresponding lead-acid battery? Battery models are generally distinguished by voltage and battery capacity, and manufacturers usually mark these two clearly. Such as GJ1265, its voltage capacity is 12V65AH. As shown in the figure again: Like these two types, their voltage and capacity are not clearly marked, but they are compiled in accordance with the standard requirements of JB2599-1993 'Lead Battery Product Model Preparation Method' of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. The meaning of the domestic lead-acid battery model Divided into 3 segments: 1. The number of single batteries in series 2. The type and characteristics of the battery 3. The battery capacity is as shown in Figure 6-DZM-10, which means that the voltage is 6V and the capacity is 10AH lead-acid battery. If it is just a single battery, then the first point It can be omitted, and the battery can be divided according to its type, feature and purpose. my country mainly uses Chinese pinyin to classify it. The specific meaning of the letters in the table below is the meaning of the letters. Need to maintain Y liquid tight
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