How to charge the battery of an electric car is correct

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

For those who buy an electric car basin for the first time, how to charge has become a headache, especially the first few times of charging, which has a very important impact on the health of the battery, so some people ask how to charge an electric car. Is the battery charging correct?

Electric vehicle battery charging is not too complicated. The key is to understand these aspects.

1. Charge the battery for the first time, discharge first, and then charge

How much is the battery that you just bought has some electricity, and some still show full charge, but from the manufacturer to the merchant To sell to customers, this whole process will take at least 15-20 days. The rechargeable battery is somewhat of a virtual charge. Charge it immediately at this time. If the charger misjudges that it is fully charged, it will not charge. The user needs to ride for a certain distance first. , And then charge.

2. Do not overcharge the battery

Overcharge refers to the over-rated working voltage rechargeable battery.

Battery charging is best used to match the working voltage. For example, a 48V battery needs to use a 48V charging head, but do not use a 60V charging head. Lead-acid batteries are easy to charge, and lithium-ion batteries are easy to charge and explode.

3. No need to recharge after exhaustion

Due to its organic chemical characteristics, once lead-acid battery enters a light-discharged state, it will Is immersed in the rechargeable battery chip, causing irreversible damage. Long-term non-battery charging will also enter the sleep mode after the lithium-ion lighting, and must be technically professional charging head can be activated.

The best time to recharge the battery is 20% (the last two are on the internal dashboard), even if you forget a few days, you will not lose the battery.

4. The battery charging time should be determined by the battery capacity and the remaining charge.

The common battery capacities of electric vehicles are 12Ah, 20Ah, and 32Ah. Their battery charging time is different, the 12ah battery is completely dead, charging for 6-7 hours. 20ah rechargeable battery for 8-10 hours. The 32-hour rechargeable battery is charged for 10-12 hours (in this case the charging head).

The electric car I just bought is full of power. It runs fast and far, which makes people feel comfortable. After being available for one or two years, the power of electric vehicles began to weaken, and they could not run fast or far, and users were overwhelmed. What was wrong with this?

Reducing the power of electric vehicles will be the most difficult problem is the rechargeable battery. The life of the lead-acid battery will generally be 2-3 years in the middle of the battery life. If the lithium battery pack is now a common fault or the entire pack can If the rechargeable battery is brittle, then the battery car will experience accelerated fatigue, so it must be replaced. Be careful, even if there is a problem with one battery, switch the entire battery pack.

After the battery is replaced, if the driving force is still not resolved, the Super Battery Master proposes to check the battery car control panel. When the electronic device or circuit in the control panel is corroded or common failure, the resistance will expand, the power will increase, and the battery car will be driven, it will mainly show that the mechanical watch stops by mistake or runs very slowly.

The battery car runs very slowly, running very close to the brake pedal, and the tires are also connected instantly. If the brake pedal is dead, the frictional resistance of the battery car will expand during takeoff, and the speed will slow down, and when the tire pressure is insufficient or slightly deformed, the frictional resistance will expand and run slowly.

The most difficult problem of lack of driving power is the entire vehicle route. If the entire vehicle route is submerged or has poor contact, the battery car will run very slowly. We must study this problem step by step to find the part of the exposed problem and replace it with a new electrode connection, but the whole process is not easy, the doctor said.

In addition to the above four reasons, Master Wei also made it clear that the demagnetization of the motor will cause the battery car to run very close and run very slowly. The demagnetization of the motor is actually a common phenomenon, and the demagnetization conditions of different degrees will appear in the use of battery cars for 1-2 years. If the demagnetization conditions are too severe, the motor can only be replaced.

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