How to buy an electric car in the cold winter? Maintaining the battery is the key!

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
The autumn wind is breezy, and the cold winter comes quietly. In the purchase, use, and maintenance of electric vehicles, this has become the most concerned issue for many electric vehicle users and prospective buyers. If the electric vehicle is improperly used and maintained, it is easy to cause damage to its accessories and greatly reduce its service life. In fact, in many cases, the life span of electric vehicles is shortened entirely because of insufficient care for the battery. The editor is here to popularize some knowledge for everyone, hoping to help everyone who likes electric cars.   First of all, buy,   1, buy a suitable battery    Generally, 48V/12AH batteries can run 30 kilometers, 48V/20AH batteries can run 70 kilometers, and 48V/24AH batteries can run 100 kilometers. When you buy an electric car, don’t be greedy for a large battery capacity, just use enough, otherwise you will just spend money blindly.   2. Don't blindly pursue power.   The greater the power of an electric vehicle of the same brand, the stronger the power, but the greater the loss of battery. If there is no special need, it is not recommended to buy high-power electric vehicles, such as 1000w or larger. Because the greater the power, the shorter the relative battery life, and the higher the cost of replacing the battery. Check the product certificate    3. Prototype cars can be purchased.   Many friends don't like to ask for a prototype car. In fact, the prototype car is not necessarily an old car. The prototype car of the electric car of the big brand dealers is usually sold within one or two weeks after installation, and it is not old at all; and since it is a prototype car, it will usually be debugged more carefully, otherwise the customer Once there is a problem with the ride, you may not choose this one. So as long as you pay attention to inspection when buying, it is sometimes a good choice to buy a sample car.   4. In the purchase, pay attention to trial riding.   When buying an electric bike, don't leave after paying the money. Be sure to conduct a trial ride, especially after the car is installed. How comfortable do you feel, whether it will be smooth, how tight the brakes are, whether the lights will turn on, whether the horn will sound, and so on.  5,  Be sure to check the product's certificate before buying a car, whether the date of manufacture and the frame number of the car are consistent with the car.   It depends on the factory date of the electric vehicle battery, because it directly affects the vital interests of consumers; it is best to use the battery within 10 days.   In addition, many people don't care enough about the batteries of electric vehicles, and they like to undercharge or overcharge. In fact, both are very harmful. Overcharge means that the charging current of the battery is greater than the acceptable current of the battery. Overcharge is mainly a side reaction of electrolyzed water. Because the positive electrode of the battery transfers oxygen to the negative electrode, the oxygen recombination reaction occurs, and heat is generated. Therefore, the amount of overcharge is actually converted into heat to make the battery temperature Elevated, without control, will cause a large amount of water loss, and in severe cases, deformation and other failures will occur. Generally speaking, undercharging means that when the battery is not fully charged or fully charged, it will gradually form a kind of thick and hard lead sulfate, which is almost insoluble, that is, 'irreversible sulfation, So the capacity will decay quickly one after another.   In addition, pay attention to the following common sense:   1, riding in winter with multiple assists   When the vehicle just starts, accelerate slowly to avoid sudden acceleration and damage the electric bicycle accessories. Under the premise of ensuring safety, braking and starting should be minimized during driving to save electric energy. The speed control handle should be released when braking during driving to avoid damage to the motor and other electric bicycle accessories. In heavy load situations such as uphill and headwind, use foot pedals to assist. When you get off the car, you should turn off the power to prevent accidents when you accidentally turn the speed control handle when you are driving.  2, should be maintained frequently in winter  Before going out, pay attention to check whether the electric bicycle accessories are in good condition, such as whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the front and rear brakes are sensitive, whether the vehicle has abnormal noise, whether the screws are loose, and whether the battery is fully charged. In case of rain and snow, do not let the water flood the center of the hub, so as to extend the life of the battery and motor. After rain and snow, the maintenance of electric vehicles should be paid special attention. Lubrication should be done frequently in winter. The front axle, rear axle, middle axle, flywheel, front fork, shock absorber rotation fulcrum and other parts of the electric vehicle are scrubbed and lubricated once.
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