How much power does the battery need to be charged?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

How much power does the battery need to be charged?

Whether electric vehicles use lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries, the total number of battery charging and charging and discharging cycle systems is mostly fixed. If the battery charging and charging and discharging cycle systems are frequent, the number of battery cycles is Will quickly decrease. Therefore, after the normal application of pure electric vehicles, if the rechargeable battery remains above 70%, there is no need to charge the battery immediately. Therefore, the best time to charge the battery is to charge the battery until the electric vehicle is properly charged or the pure electric vehicle is less than 60% or less. Many friends will feel that the battery charging is often not good, so often until the pure electric vehicle loses power engineering, or even when it is not. In fact, this kind of actual operation is not correct. This means that the power engineering damage is plain. Pure electric vehicles have no battery charging, so the damage to the rechargeable battery is more serious.

In the operation of lead-acid-acid rechargeable batteries, the problem of dry solidification is the most common way of common failures of rechargeable batteries. When common failures occur, it will not only increase the resistance of the rechargeable battery , Limit the volume of the rechargeable battery, and will endanger all the normal life of the rechargeable battery, and even cause the premature application of the rechargeable battery. For vulcanized rubber rechargeable batteries, you can charge and discharge first.

In order to improve the solubility of lead sulfate, pour the original lithium battery electrolyte and introduce the diluted lithium battery electrolyte into the rechargeable battery. Finally, under the battery charging standard, the relative density of the electrolyte solution of the rechargeable battery can be adjusted to the amount and concentration of the standardized substance, and the water content of the electrolyte solution is slightly higher. The acquisition of lead-acid batteries can be considered a success.

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