How much is the UPS power load reasonable? How to calculate?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Label: UPS power supply load simply means how much total power of peripheral equipment the UPS power supply can bear. If the total real-time power of the equipment is equal to the rated power of the UPS, the UPS power supply is full-load power supply, if it exceeds the overload power supply. However, professionals remind that UPS power supply should not be fully loaded or eye-loaded. Because it will shorten the life of the power components of the UPS power supply or even burn as expected. Is it possible to use high-power UPS to load fine-power equipment? Of course not, there are certain restrictions. If the UPS power load is too light, the UPS battery will be deeply discharged, shorten the life of the UPS battery, and cause the UPS battery to be scrapped in advance. So how much is the most reasonable UPS power load? Experts suggest that under normal circumstances, the UPS power supply load is about 60% of the total power as the most reasonable and the highest reliability. But usually, the problem of load expansion needs to be considered when UPS modeling, so the load should be increased by about 20%. For example, if the total power of the equipment is 100KVA, then (100KVA+100KVA*20%)/60%u003d2000KVA should be selected.
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