How much do you know about the formulation rules of lead-acid battery models?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Label: In the market, many lead-acid batteries have the same model number, because their model number has certain rules. According to the JB2599-1985 'Lead Storage Battery Product Model Compilation Method' of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, the meaning of the domestic lead-acid battery model is divided into 3 segments: 1. The number of single batteries in series 2. The type and characteristics of the battery 3. The battery capacity is as shown in the figure below : If it is only a single battery, then the first point can be omitted, and the batteries can be divided according to their types, characteristics and uses. China is mainly divided by Chinese Pinyin, as shown in the table below. The meaning of the letters is G fixed type J colloid F acid proof type D with liquid type FM valve-regulated Q air-closed type W requires no maintenance Y liquid-tight type such as: fixed valve-regulated lead-acid battery 100Ah-GFM100, valve-regulated maintenance-free lead-acid battery 200Ah-WFM200 Most foreign battery models are formulated Is the model + voltage + capacity, such as LS12V100AH, is the battery model of the United States Shengdi Company.
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