How many years should the battery be replaced?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

  1. The selection and design of data center UPS batteries must fully consider the characteristics and trends of modern data centers, and follow the following principles:

   (1) Excellent output with short time constant Features

   Excellent short-time (usually ≤30min) constant power output characteristics mean that the battery capacity and battery cost can be reduced under the same load backup time requirement. Or use the same capacity battery configuration to increase the total backup time of the UPS system.

  (2) High energy density

   Select the appropriate battery type and capacity, design a reasonable assembly structure, and optimize the room space The use of battery packs increases the total energy density of the battery pack, which is conducive to reducing the area and cost of the computer room.

  (3) High stability

   The battery should have a low failure rate during its effective life to avoid Maintenance or replacement caused by the failure or sudden failure of individual batteries is of great significance to the safety and stability of the entire battery system.

  (4) Flame retardant and flame retardant

  The plastic material of the UPS battery shell of the data center should meet the flame retardant standard. All exposed metal parts of battery terminals, connectors and output busbar terminals should be insulated and protected, and battery racks should be grounded.

  (5) Consistency

   The consistency of the single capacity, open circuit voltage and floating charging voltage of the UPS battery pack in the data center Sex should meet relevant standards.

  (6) Seismic resistance

   The design of the UPS battery shelf of the data center meets the level 8 strength requirements, while the soft connection is recommended Used to connect the battery to the battery.

  (7) Easy to install and expand

   The modular structure design and the provision of special installation tools can reduce the overall installation cost. The location of the battery pack and the design of the battery pack should be reserved for post-expansion.

  (8) Easy to repair and replace

  The distance between the storage and maintenance channels of the battery pack should meet the daily maintenance and Requirements for battery replacement.

  (9) Long service life

   Data center should have reasonable service life requirements for UPS batteries. Too short service life will increase the instability and cost of the UPS system.


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