How long is the replacement cycle of UPS batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Life of UPS battery

The service life of UPS lies in the natural environment of operation, the old state of maintenance and maintenance, and the corporate mentality. If the efficiency is low, the volume is insufficient, the software environment is bad, the temperature is high, and the dust is large, Humidity and coldness shorten the battery life of UPS, and if maintenance and maintenance are not timely, it will also reduce the life of UPS. UPS switching power supply is suitable for maintenance-free batteries, and the service life is generally 3-5 years. Some customers will use long-life model specifications, such as 8-10 years, up to 20 years. UPS battery life is relatively long, reasonable use of monthly time and time discharge maintenance conditions can be used for 5-8 years, after the volume will be greatly reduced, you need to consider replacing the UPS switching power supply rechargeable battery.

How long is the replacement cycle of UPS batteries?

According to previous work experience, the UPS battery is generally replaced once every five years to ensure its smooth and safe operation. For more extreme natural environmental standards (for example, the working temperature usually exceeds 35 degrees Celsius or human factors are not frequently maintained), it is recommended to replace the UPS bottle within three years. When the charge-discharge depth of the battery is 100%, the specific life of the battery is 100-200 charge-discharge cycles. For example, when the charge-discharge depth of the battery is 50%, the charge-discharge frequency of the battery can be increased to 300-400 times, and the charge-discharge depth is At 30%, the charging and discharging frequency of the battery can be increased to 600 times. It is not difficult to see that, in order to improve the service life of the battery, the rechargeable battery is generally not allowed to be used in a deeper charge and discharge situation.

How to reduce the common faults of the UPS power supply battery:

1. Regular maintenance

Maintain the DC voltage and internal resistance of each module . For 12V module rechargeable batteries, if it is found that the DC voltage difference of each module rechargeable battery is above 80m, or the internal resistance of each module is above 80m, the battery should be balanced to repair the internal resistance of the rechargeable battery and eliminate the rechargeable battery of each module The DC voltage is unbalanced. When the battery is charging, the battery is charging. Most rechargeable batteries have been solved by battery charging, and their internal resistance can be repaired to 30 meters. During the operation of the rising switching power supply, the characteristics of the rechargeable batteries of each module change over time, and the battery charging control circuit inside the rising switching power supply cannot eliminate the efficiency of the battery. Therefore, if offline charging is not used immediately, The imbalance of lithium batteries is getting more and more serious.

2. The main factor of the lasting suitable working temperature is the working temperature, and the best working temperature is between 20~25℃. Although temperature plus charging and discharging batteries can have a certain driving force, the value paid is that the battery life is greatly shortened. According to the test, once the operating temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, the battery life limit needs to be reduced by half for every additional 10 degrees Celsius. The commonly used batteries are generally non-maintenance sealed lead-acid batteries with a planned service life of five years. This is achieved by battery manufacturers' requirements for the natural environment. If the requirements of the natural environment cannot be met, the length of life will be very different. In other cases, the operation of the operating temperature will lead to an increase in the specificity of the organic chemistry inside the rechargeable battery, and then many energy sources will promote the ambient operating temperature and this polarization, which will accelerate the reduction of battery life.

3. The floating working voltage and working voltage of the rising switching power supply are adjusted to the rated current of the original factory rated current, while the amount of charge and discharge current increases with the increase of the load. Generally speaking, the load is not suitable for more than 60 % Of the upper limit rating. In this scheme, the charging and discharging current of charging and discharging is not easy to show excessive charging and discharging. In the natural environment, the power system is of high quality, the voltage is turned off, and the battery is always charged in a floating battery. Therefore, it is normally charged and discharged every 2-3 months, and the charging and discharging torque can be judged according to the volume and load of the bottle. After a charge and discharge, the battery is charged for 8 hours.

4. Reduce deep discharge

The use cycle of electrotherapy is closely related to the depth of charge and discharge. The lighter the load required by the boost switching power supply, the greater the short-circuit capacity ratio between the storage capacity and the storage capacity when the voltage power supply system is terminated, and the deeper the charge and discharge battery when the boost switching power supply voltage is too low. In the whole process, how to reduce rechargeable batteries through deep charging and discharging? How to be very simple: When the UPS switching power supply is at the end of the voltage power supply system, most UPS switching power supplies are based on the conventional air gap 4s up and down alarm to notify the user that the rechargeable battery has now proven the power supply. When the alarm sound becomes urgent, it indicates that the switching power supply is in a deep charge and discharge state, and the switching power supply should be turned off immediately. It is not urgent. Generally, it is not necessary to let the switching power supply work until the battery voltage is too low and the switch is automatically switched on.

5. Use the power system to charge the peak-level battery

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