How long can the UPS battery be used?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

UPS batteries are usually used as backup power supplies. Generally, UPS batteries will only work when there is a power failure. The quality and service life of UPS batteries will become critical. How long can the UPS battery be used?

1. Battery charging working voltage: Because UPS battery is a reserved working mode, the voltage is usually in the battery charging state, and it will be charged and discharged after power failure.

2. The working temperature is very harmful to the UPS battery, the working temperature is too high, so that the UPS battery cannot be charged to produce steam, and the working temperature is too low.

3. Deep charging and discharging of rechargeable batteries is also very harmful to the life of rechargeable batteries. The deeper the depth of discharge of UPS batteries, the lower the frequency of the circulatory system. Should prevent charging and discharging deeper.

4. Ups battery charge and discharge current is usually expressed by c. The actual activity value of c is related to battery power: for example, 100ah battery, c100a. The optimal current of lead batteries is up and down, and the current cannot be exceeded.

5. Due to the service life of the lithium battery in the entire process of sending, transportation and mechanical equipment, the UPS battery will lose part of its capacity. Before the mechanical equipment is put into use, the remaining capacity of the rechargeable battery should be determined according to the open circuit voltage of the rechargeable battery, and then the charging method is different from that of the UPS battery. The reserved battery should be charged every three months. It can be used to accurately measure the open circuit voltage of rechargeable batteries to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of UPS batteries.

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