How is the UPS power supply C2KS battery connected? Below is the connection diagram.

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

C2KS UPS power supply (single group) battery connection is roughly divided into: installation of battery cable, battery and host connection, inspection and aftermath.

1. Install the battery cable.

A. Determine the position of the battery switch and determine the positive and negative directions of the battery in the battery cabinet

B, Start the connection of the battery cable, be careful not to short-circuit the positive and negative poles, and do not connect in parallel (single battery)

C. Use tape for the battery cables from the next layer to the previous layer Wrap it well to prevent accidental short circuit

D. The final positive and negative poles should be clearly separated to prevent wrong connection, and the positive pole should be connected to the air switch

E. Check if there are any extraneous objects in the battery cabinet

F. Before connecting the battery cable from the battery cabinet to the host, use Measure the voltage of the battery with a multimeter (the voltage is greater than 96V), whether the positive and negative poles are connected reversely

Second, the installation wiring between the battery and the host

A. The positive pole of the UPS power supply C2KS host is connected with the positive pole of the battery cabinet with a red wire, the negative pole is connected with the negative pole of the battery cabinet with a black wire, and the yellow wire is the ground wire. Do not connect it backwards!

B. Use a multimeter to measure whether there is a short circuit on the connecting wire of the host terminal.

C. Disconnect the host Switch on the mains input, output, and battery switches on the mains, respectively close the input switch of the power distribution cabinet and the battery switch on the battery cabinet to measure whether the voltage is abnormal

Three, detection Aftermath

After all the above steps are confirmed to be normal, follow the boot process steps to turn on the mains and battery, and measure whether the output voltage is abnormal

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Note: Eight batteries in the battery cabinet are connected in series. After the air switch is turned on, the voltage between the terminals should be above 96V. The UPS system load must not be connected to inductive loads such as hair dryers and electric furnaces. Unauthorized opening of the UPS mainframe casing, there is high voltage in the C2KS.

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