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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
Battery ( Commonly known as battery) Is indispensable to the car, one of the important parts, without it, our car can't start; So how can we correct use and maintenance of it? 1, can't park your car for a long time to let battery batteries. 2, can't let the battery in the installation position is loose. 3, in observing the battery can't use fire, in case of fire will explode. 4, battery charge can neither owe, also cannot charge too. 5, battery charging not long after ashore. For motorists on the road encountered such a situation, the car maintenance professionals master zhang said that one thousand met battery suddenly without electricity, and there was a way to save his life. First of all, the most effective method of emergency, that is, push the car to generate power. But this method cannot be used frequently, because often use of engine and clutch has certain damage, automatic-shift cars should avoid to use more, because this will be more hurt. Followed by the owner should prepare a jumper cable in the car, so they can interact with the rescue vehicle power. However, connect the cable, don't wrong connection order, it will be no electricity to the positive side of the battery with the positive terminal of the rescue vehicle battery connection, the negative terminal of the vehicle to another with no electricity auto metal connection within the engine. After connected cables, you can start to come to the rescue vehicle engine, and can improve the speed of the engine a little, so that you can to the electric battery charged for emergency. In addition, it is worth noting that the cable according to cable reverse order down.
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