How do we distinguish whether an electric vehicle battery is a refurbished battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

Everyone who has used a battery car knows that the battery needs to be replaced when it has been used for a long time. When you replace it, your original old battery can be discounted to part of the price of the new battery, which will be recycled by the owner. Many of these old batteries have been completely scrapped, and some are even swollen and deformed. What use are they recycling?

Actually, the acquisition is for renovation, but this kind of renovation is not just an exterior renovation that ordinary people think.

No matter how good the refurbished battery of electric vehicles is, there are flaws. Inexperienced ones can only be distinguished from the true and false by comparing them with new batteries. People who are in frequent contact can tell the clues at a glance. How do we distinguish whether an electric vehicle battery is a refurbished battery?

01. Look at the appearance

The appearance of the new battery is smooth and clean. The surface of the refurbished battery is polished and polished to eliminate the original mark, repainted and marked and dated. When you look at it carefully, you can see the marks and date labels that were polished off on the original battery.

02.Look at the terminal

There are solder wire residues in the terminal hole of the refurbished battery. Even if it is ground and polished, you can see the traces of polishing. The new rechargeable battery is bright. Some batteries have been modified to replace the end of the line, but the positive and negative signs of the paint are uneven, and additional signs will be seen.

03. Look at the production date of the rechargeable battery

If it is refurbished, the factory date is usually deleted, and the rechargeable battery is scratched or blocked.

A closer look at the paint on the top of the battery, you can tell.

04. Look at the anti-counterfeiting marks and QR codes

Reliable new rechargeable batteries must have anti-counterfeiting identification, if necessary, scratch the anti-counterfeiting mark layer of the rechargeable battery or charge the scanner The QR code on the battery to verify the specific situation.

05. Look at the battery box

New rechargeable batteries are generally not easy to appear in the battery 'bulging' phenomenon. Replace the battery box with a few hands to see if there is a bulging.

The following example illustrates some common problems of electric vehicle batteries:

1/New and old rechargeable batteries cannot be used together.

2/No rechargeable battery is exposed to the sun, very summer, causing more serious damage to the battery cycle.

3/Battery charging does not require battery charging. Generally, the battery can be charged within 3-6 hours.

4/The rechargeable battery cannot be reactive. It does not need to be charged for a long time, and it cannot be overcharged or discharged, otherwise the rechargeable battery will be damaged.

5/Keep the battery dry and clean without too much dust to prevent self-charging and discharging of wet and cold rechargeable batteries.

According to all the normal conditions of all normal applications, how long the battery has been removed most of the time, but when the following conditions can also be determined as the battery life has stopped.

(1) The specific charge and discharge capacity of the battery is less than 60% of the short-circuit capacity. If it cannot be increased significantly after maintenance, the specific charge and discharge capacity of the battery will be significantly damaged. This is because in the entire battery application process, the characteristic that the capacity attenuation coefficient drops to 60% will be a large attenuation coefficient. Each component is based on the deterioration of the situation. This attenuation coefficient has a slow acceleration trend and will quickly lose the battery. Charging capacity.

(2) When the battery is charging, the heating is more serious. Due to the cessation of battery life, the positive level will become more severely soft (critical failure mode), the active material will decrease, the internal resistance will increase, and the residual elements in the plates will continue to mix, so that the battery will increase, the efficiency will increase, and the calorific value will decrease. At this time, if you open the battery valve to check, you will see that the lithium battery electrolyte is black, which is more serious and cannot be repaired. At this time, the service life of the battery lithium battery is very fast, and sometimes the battery is quickly charged.

(3) A battery that has stopped its service life has significantly reduced various characteristics and extremely unstable characteristics, which may have adverse effects, such as charging, scalding, short-circuit failure, and even the danger of explosion accidents. Therefore, the battery should be replaced immediately when the service life expires.

During the use of the battery, the capacity of the battery slowly attenuates the coefficient, and the characteristics slowly decrease until the service life stops and the customer's adjustment cannot be reached, and the battery must be replaced. In addition to the need to know how long we must attach great importance to the operation of the battery and immediately replace the battery.

When replacing the battery, we must choose a reliable, well-known brand, complete after-sales service, and make users more comfortable!

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