How can battery performance be measured by battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

How the battery performance can be measured by the battery capacity, which expresses the charge and discharge capacity js-150d, which is the volume of the rechargeable battery. (Discharge rate, temperature, termination voltage, etc.) The amount of electricity discharged by the battery (JS-150D can be used for discharge test), usually in ampere·hour (abbreviation, expressed in A·H, 1A·hu003d3600C).

We don’t know that for different working voltage rechargeable batteries, people cannot simply use time to average the volume, such as 12v20ah rechargeable batteries, 15v20ah rechargeable batteries, even if they are all 20ah, the supply and demand of the same output power load Balanced, machinery and equipment can work normally, but the delay time is different, so the standard volume should work for the enterprise.

The calculation formula is as follows: Required battery capacity: Uninterrupted power (KVA) 109 (ah.blockosh/KVA/a set of rechargeable batteries, for example: A120KVA uninterrupted battery, A set of rechargeable batteries, 32 pieces, standby power 60min (ie1h). 120KVA109AH block/KVA13080AH block, 13080AH block/32 block 409(AH) can choose 4 groups (32 blocks/group). Note: There are a lot of specific backup power At 60 minutes (no point). If a set of 33, 13080/33396ah, you can also choose 12v, 100ah rechargeable battery 4 sets (33 pieces/set). Note: The specific reserve will exceed 60 minutes (more than one point) . If the preparation time is 30 minutes, 10912013080AH block, 13080/32409AH, 409/2205AH. Because the charging and discharging output power of the rechargeable battery is not linear with the charging and discharging time, that is, it cannot be simply divided into 2, but multiplied In order to adjust the index, see Table 1, so 205x. Choose 12V, 65AH rechargeable battery 4 groups (32 pieces/group). Note: The specific reserve capacity will exceed 30 minutes (more than one point). 409/3136ah, if the reserve time For 20min, the adjustment index will be multiplied by 136, and 3 groups (32 blocks/group) of 12v and 65ah batteries can be selected. Note: The specific reserve strength will exceed 20 minutes (more than a point). The longer the battery charging time, the higher the temperature ( About 35C), the easier it is to charge the battery, so charging in a 5C30C battery is very good, especially in a circulatory system.

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