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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-20
Recently, the ministry has released the first batch of complying with the requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations lead battery and secondary lead enterprise list, it is understood that a total of 10 companies through the first environmental protection verification, Hui industry links, such as lead battery quality enterprises on the list. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ministry of environmental protection and other five ministries recently jointly issued 'on promoting the development of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry standard opinion'. Target by 2015, the waste lead-acid battery recycling and comprehensive utilization rate of 90% or more, more than 50% of the total lead recycling, promote the national lead resource recycling system. Hui industry through cell gradually to high-tech, technical industry development in recent years, with the green environmental protection concept, continuous improvement and development of innovation factors of battery products, its high-quality enterprise view shows counterparts at home and abroad. At the same time, the Hui industry also increased the talent strategy plan of investment, continuously introduce advanced talents, and put the interest of consumers as a manufacturing power. Now, China has become the country's manufacturing 500 strong Hui industry, not only through the development of new energy industry a new development space, and through own the ability of technology innovation promotion opportunities, increased competition chips. On April 22, the Chinese battery industry association director Han Zuoliang, jin-liang wang, vice chairman of the panel line field visited Hui industry advanced lithium-ion battery production line. Through field visits, Han Zuoliang Hui industry through scientific management mode and advanced lithium-ion battery production technology gave high evaluation, and fully affirmed the Hui industry group adhere to the innovation development way, enhance the independent innovation ability, always walk in the frontier science and technology innovation. As by environmental protection enterprises, the first verification of Hui industry company will continue to practice & other; Advocate green energy, perfect human life & throughout; The idea, in order to promote the lead battery play green development & other; The main character & throughout; And contribution strength.
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