Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Battery Use

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Frequently asked questions and answers about battery use

In fact, the battery does not need to be deliberately maintained, just develop some good usage habits.

1. Use the battery for more than 2 years, pay special attention to inspection

Generally speaking, the battery life is 2-3 years, and the original battery of a new car can be used for more than 3 years. So if your bottle has been used for 2 years, you need to be aware that it may have expired. At this time, more inspections should be done, early inspections should be done to find out the problem as soon as possible to deal with or remove, to prevent sudden damage to the entire bottle cap process.

2. What must be paid attention to after replacing the battery?

New batteries will lack power, including the original bottles in new cars, which usually do not use 100% of the power. Therefore, the diesel engine must be allowed to run for a long time after the new battery is removed or a new car is purchased, so that it can be fully charged.

3. Is the long-term immobile car harmful to the battery?

Because the battery can maintain the service life of the lithium-ion battery, if the car does not need to be used for a long time, it may cause the battery to run out and eventually start the car or destroy the battery.

If you don’t need the car for a long time, it’s best to restart it every half a month, and run the diesel engine up and down for 20 minutes each time to let the battery recharge.

This bad habit can damage the battery

Although the average service life of car batteries can reach 2-3 years, some buyers will cause battery damage early due to ordinary travel habits , Forced to be replaced, so people often have to develop good habits. Here are some of the more common bad habits:

1. Forgetting the lights or the electrical equipment cut by the car when getting off the car

After a fire, not turning off the lights when parking is the most common This caused many buyers to run out of batteries the next day and the vehicles started to start. However, with the upgrading of car products, the lights after turning off, if there is no sound warning, or some cars will automatically eliminate the car lights within 30 seconds after the fire, so that the lights will not be harmful to the battery.

However, in addition to driving lights, other lighting effects such as reading lights in the car or other electrical equipment in the car, if the fire is turned off and forget to turn it off, it will also cause the deep battery to fail to start the car after the night.

If you have a standard condition, you can try to charge the battery until you can start the car. Or you have to change the bottle. It costs a lot of money to change the bottle, and it's not as good as usual.

2. Central air-conditioning that was not turned off before the car breakdown

Many people do not have the habit of turning off the central air-conditioning before the fire broke out; next time the central air-conditioning starts When the time, the central air-conditioning is turned on when the car is started. But Volta's authoritative experts say that this bad habit can also damage the battery.

If the central air conditioner is not turned off before the fire, the next time the car starts, the central air conditioner will automatically start from the diesel engine. This will cause the car’s output power to be too high when flashing, and the battery load is too large. Repeatedly cause damage to the battery.

Therefore, before a fire occurs, we should try to turn off the electrical equipment that can be turned off in the car, such as central air conditioners, tape recorders, etc., so that the next time the car starts, it is not easy to cause battery load immediately, and then maintain the battery.

3. Many applications of electrical machinery and equipment under less than car conditions

A friend of mine used to walk on the road with tires tied up. During the entire tire change process, he My friends are listening to songs in the car while turning on the central air conditioner. The car will not start until the spare tire is replaced. The reason is that the central air-conditioning, central air-conditioning and audio-visual equipment are in the car, and the batteries used have been exhausted. In the end they had to call a car.

Many people go to the underground parking lot or on the roadside to wait for friends, often listening to songs and waiting. But in order to save fuel costs, diesel engines are usually cancelled. When video equipment loses power, the battery is likely to run out.

Because the air-conditioning system software in the car and its audio-visual system are high-power electrical equipment, if the battery is not in the car for a long time, even if the time is not long, the electrical equipment is often used in the car. Will not damage the battery, and will eventually lead to early filing fees for the battery.

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