Four proposals - for lithium battery industry-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
1, in order to view industry globalization, integration of the global high-end technology and talent. China is a nation of li-ion battery manufacturing rather than power, to achieve an international level, must pay attention to the technology of lithium electricity power and human resources, through joint, acquisitions or the introduction of foreign technology company overseas high-level talents is a shortcut to narrow the gap in technology. 2, light products, heavy applications, take on industry development train of thought. For most capital and strong technical strength is not particularly small and medium-sized private enterprises, should first obtains from the application link, get the target market, to provide solutions, flexible response to the technology and market changes. For advanced materials and batteries in the hands of a few powerful manufacturer to do it. 3, cautious to enter fully competitive market and high-end market. Such as electric bicycle technology and market entry threshold is not high, a lot of players, for technology accumulated in less than a big role, and directly towards the electric car market, technical difficulty is big, the market relatively closed, the general enterprise can control. Suggest that pay more attention to walking car, slow car, UPS/EPS energy storage technologies such as market maturity relatively high market has certain requirements. 4, build up the consciousness to avoid homogeneity route. At present domestic to lithium electricity industry of the company's overall technical level is low, most of copying and to make power lithium electricity to do a mature industry, underestimate the technical difficulty, overestimated the market demand, the results. Now and can seize market opportunities, create a good benefit in the future must be to master the core technology of deep understanding of the industry.
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