Four misunderstandings of battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The battery is an important electrical equipment of the car, and its performance will directly affect the normal operation of the vehicle. However, some car drivers and maintenance personnel do not understand or pay no attention to the use and maintenance of the battery, which causes early damage to the battery and even damages other electrical equipment. 1. Misunderstanding of battery use 1.1 Diesel vehicle battery cell is damaged and continue to be used 1.2 Ignore to clear the vent 1.3 Battery series mixed 1.4 Battery charge capacity does not match the engine 1.5 Battery parallel mixed use 2. Misunderstanding of the use of the main power switch 2.1 The main power switch is installed in the battery 2.2 Blindly install the main power switch on the EFI car 2.3 Blindly cut off the main power switch 3. Check and adjust the electrolyte density and liquid level. Misunderstandings 3.1 Electrolyte liquid level 'Nice high, not low' 3.2 Ignore the electrolyte liquid level height Check 3.3 Electrolyte density 'Ning big, not small'    3.4 Add distilled water at will 3.5 Add electrolyte at will 4. Battery charging misunderstanding 4.1 Battery overcharge 4.2 Battery does not perform supplementary charge 4.3 New battery does not perform initial charge 4.4 Reverse polarity during charging
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