Four misconceptions about common lead-acid battery charging

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-12
Tags: Common Lead-Acid Battery Charging Four Misconceptions When many people use lead-acid batteries, they don’t pay much attention to them. They think that they can be used when they are bought, and they are charged when they are out of power. The battery life is shortened due to lack of reasonable use, and responsibility Push to manufacturers. There are four most common misconceptions about charging. First, the new lead-acid battery does not perform the initial charge. The first charge of the lead-acid battery is called the initial charge. The initial charge has a great influence on the service life and charge capacity of the lead-acid battery. If the charge is insufficient, the charge capacity of the lead-acid battery will not be high, the service life will be short, and the number of charging times will increase; if the charge is over, the electrical performance of the lead-acid battery will be good, but it will also damage the lead-acid battery itself and shorten its use. Life, so new lead-acid batteries should be charged carefully. For ordinary lead-acid batteries, the initial charging must be carried out according to the charging specifications before use. For dry-charged lead-acid batteries, if they need to be used within the two-year storage period specified in the instruction manual, they can be put into use after adding the electrolyte of the specified density and standing for 15 minutes without charging. However, if the storage period exceeds two years, due to partial oxidation on the electrode plate, in order to increase its charge capacity, supplementary charging should be carried out before use, and then used after charging for 5-8 hours. 2. Overcharging of lead-acid batteries The previous point has already explained that the initial charging of lead-acid batteries should not be overcharged, but after normal use, it is often overcharged. Even if the charging current is not large, the electrolyte 'boils' for a long time, except for the surface of active materials. In addition to the fact that the fine particles are easy to fall off, it will also cause excessive oxidation of the grid, causing the active material to be loosely peeled from the grid. 3. Lead-acid battery does not carry out supplementary charging. This is for start-up lead-acid batteries. Some drivers often neglect the supplementary charging of lead-acid batteries in use. Since lead-acid batteries are not fully charged in the car, it is easy to cause plate vulcanization; at the same time, the amount of charge and discharge in use is unbalanced. If the discharge is greater than the charge and the lead-acid battery is in a long-term depletion state, the lead-acid battery The plates will slowly vulcanize. This kind of chronic vulcanization will reduce the charge capacity of the lead-acid battery until it is weak to start, which greatly shortens the service life of the lead-acid battery. In order to restore the active material on the lead-acid battery plate in time, reduce the sulfidation of the plate, increase the charge capacity of the lead-acid battery, and extend its service life, the lead-acid battery in the vehicle should be recharged regularly. Fourth, the polarity is reversed during charging. Due to the different materials of the positive and negative plates of lead-acid batteries, in addition to the active material, the negative plate is also added with materials such as barium sulfate, humic acid, carbon black and rosin to prevent the negative plate from shrinking and Oxidation. In addition, the number of negative plates of each single-cell lead-acid battery is always one more than the number of positive plates, and the negative plate is slightly thinner than the positive plate. When performing the initial charge or supplementary charge of the lead-acid battery, if you do not pay attention to the polarity, the lead-acid battery will be reversed, and the positive and negative electrodes will almost become coarse-grained PbSO4, resulting in insufficient charge capacity of the lead-acid battery. Normal work, even lead-acid batteries are scrapped. Therefore, you must pay attention to the polarity when charging, and do not reverse the polarity.
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