Four lead-acid battery enterprises shut down - Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
Zhuhai four lead-acid battery production line has been shut down, fully meet the national and provincial management requirements of lead-acid batteries. All over the country, especially in guangdong have lead poisoning of the environment, zhuhai through introduction to the good and regulatory clearance, to ensure the environmental safety, lead poisoning incident happens, the city's four lead-acid battery enterprises by strict management. It is reported, by 2011, a total of four zhuhai lead-acid battery enterprises, respectively is zhuhai branch, power supply co. , LTD. , zhuhai precision electronic products co. , LTD. , zhuhai battery co. , LTD. , zhuhai worldwide SAN Yang battery co. , LTD. According to the detection of environmental protection experts, these batteries enterprises have adopted the most advanced technology in the country. In 2011, the country's closely watched around the blood lead after the incident, the national requirements to review of lead-acid battery project under construction, urge the enterprises to realize conversion. According to the national, provincial, municipal municipal environmental protection bureau to the lead-acid battery enterprise to the specific requirements of the renovation work, will lead battery enterprise regulation as punish illegal sewage, to guarantee the healthy environmental protection special action to the priority of the municipal party committee, the municipal government called quality control, environmental protection, health, the district government departments set up management team to carry out comprehensive improvement action. Yesterday, a reporter with the municipal environmental protection bureau inspection team to the gold coast road is located in sanzao town of SAN Yang battery co. , LTD and zhuhai battery worldwide co. , LTD. The reporter sees, nearly thirty thousand square meters production workshop was deserted, the company only a few management staff in the office. The staff told reporters, & other; Enterprise in May last year stop lead-acid battery production line, the laid off workers. Enterprises do not understand environmental policy at the beginning, there is resistance, but it is the policy for the country and province, finally still want to cooperate with production or halt production enterprises. ”
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