Four categories of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Commonly used batteries are divided into four categories: ordinary batteries, dry-charged batteries, wet-charged batteries and maintenance-free batteries.

1. Ordinary batteries: The electrodes of ordinary batteries are composed of lead and lead metal oxide, and the electrolyte of lithium batteries is a hydrochloric acid solution. Its main advantages are low working voltage and low price, but its disadvantages are low specific energy (that is, 1 kg battery stores electromagnetic energy), short cycle and normal time.

2. Dry-charged battery: Its full name is dry-charged lead-acid battery, and its main feature is that the negative electrode plate has a high power storage capacity. Store power consumption during the year. When applying, only add lithium battery electrolyte and wait for 20-30 minutes.

3. Wet charge battery: The electrode plate is charged and contains a small amount of lithium battery electrolyte, and most of the lithium battery electrolyte is stored in the baffle and the electrode plate.

4. Maintenance-free battery: Due to its own structural advantages, the use of lithium battery electrolyte is very small, and clean water needs to be filled on the basis of use. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, small size, and short life of lithium battery. The service life is usually twice the average battery. There are also two types of non-storage batteries on the market: disposable lithium-ion battery electrolyte (Plus filler) is not used after purchase; the other is that lithium-ion battery electrolyte is added to the original battery factory and blocked, customers It can't be filled at all.

The general valve-regulated battery is composed of positive and negative electrode plates, baffle plates, shell, lithium battery electrolyte and wiring pile heads. The chemical change of charge and discharge is caused by Lithium battery electrolyte (dilute hydrochloric acid solution) in the positive electrode strips (lead and lead) and negative electrode plate (p honeycomb pure lead). Different raw materials will cause different conditions: the battery reduces the liquid state in the application. This is because the antimony on the grid will pollute the environment. The honeycomb pure lead on the negative plate weakens the reverse of the potential of the battery after charging, resulting in water Dissolve, a lot of carbon dioxide and positive and negative plates escape from the lithium battery electrolyte. Replacing antimony with calcium can change the anti-potential of the battery after charging. The battery charging current is too large, the vaporization rate is reduced, and the battery electrolyte damage is reduced. Some issues and battery levels that should be paid attention to in battery applications: 1. The battery does not need a long time, until it is charged, the battery will gradually self-charge and discharge. Therefore, whenever a car starts to charge the battery. Another method is to remove the two levels of the battery, especially pay attention to pull out the positive and negative two levels of pillars, remove the negative line, or remove the negative line and chassis connection. Then use the positive level mark () to remove the other end of the battery. The battery has a certain period of use and needs to be replaced at a certain stage. The same sequence must be followed during the conversion, but when the power line is next, the sequence is reversed.

Common failure maintenance: Among the electrical components, the recovery rate of the battery is relatively high. The following examples illustrate some typical common failure situations and inspection methods: 1. Battery leakage: 1. Common failure situations: general Leaking liquid, one is the poor seal between the cover and the seal or leakage due to impact or sealing cracks; the second is the acid leakage of the cover; the third is the terminal acid leakage; the fourth is the location of the acid leakage.

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