Five items that should be paid attention to in battery safety operation specifications

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  When using a battery, you must first understand the performance of the battery, because the installation of the battery requires certain skills, and at the same time, you must also pay attention to operational considerations in order to better master this knowledge and make better use of it.

  Battery, as a charging and discharging power supply device, is often used in our daily work. The battery contains electrolyte, which is a dangerous chemical substance. In daily use, we should pay attention to some operating specifications to improve work efficiency. Reduce errors. Century Huateng provides safety and preventive measures for the use of dual-channel batteries.

   1. It is strictly forbidden to pour pure water directly into sulfuric acid to prevent the temperature of the pages from suddenly rising and causing splashes of concentrated sulfuric acid.

   Battery maintenance personnel must wear acid-resistant protective equipment such as protective glasses, rubber gloves, aprons, and rubber shoes to prevent sulfuric acid corrosion and burns.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to place conductive objects on the battery pack. The operator must remove possible conductive objects such as watches before work to prevent the external short circuit of the battery from causing sparks or even sparks. explosion.

  (4) When loading and unloading the battery pack, a lifting device with corresponding weight must be used, and the battery must not be placed under the battery pack during the hoisting process to prevent the battery pack from falling .

   Smoking, open flames, static sparks, etc. are strictly prohibited in the battery charging place to avoid a small amount of hydrogen explosion during battery charging.

   The above five battery points are in accordance with the rules and precautions, everyone should pay more attention! Pay more attention to the dynamics of the battery industry and battery technical support to bring greater convenience to our lives! Contact: 18038382979


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