Factors Affecting the Service Life of Batteries in Communication Base Stations

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

Many base stations are located in remote locations, AC power supply systems are unstable, or frequent power outages, or even no AC power at all; communication base stations do not have central air conditioning or places with high outdoor working temperatures; the sites are remote, and the total number of sites is too large to ensure careful management and maintenance . The above is the basic situation of the battery working environment of the communication base station.

Through the analysis of the current status of battery damage in communication base stations in China, the samples collected in Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan and other provinces were analyzed and combined with the damage data of overseas base stations in Vietnam, Egypt, Pakistan, and Ethiopia. , We conclude that the following factors affect the service life of the communication base station battery:

(1) Frequent power failures in communication

According to the diesel generator set and battery replacement power system, the battery fails Long time, irregular failure time, frequent charging of the battery, or no AC current in the communication base station voltage, are the most important reasons for the rapid decrease of the battery capacity and shortened service cycle.

There are too many power failures in the base station. Power failures occur multiple times a day, or even power failures occur continuously. This makes the base station battery under charge and discharge conditions after charging and discharging, and the battery is charging and discharging for a long time. If the low charge is produced several times in a row, it will cause the accumulation of battery capacity defects, increase the potassium thiocyanate, and reduce the battery capacity in the short term, and its service cycle will soon stop.

(2) Long battery storage time

The battery has the life of a lithium battery during storage and storage. If it cannot be charged for a long time, potassium thiocyanate will exist. If these conditions are not improved immediately, the battery capacity will be reduced or even destroyed. As shown in Table 2, the operating temperature is also very harmful to the volume during storage.

High operating temperature of communication base station

When the communication base station is disconnected, the central air conditioner is turned off. Since the communication base station is a closed host room, the room temperature of the communication base station will be greatly improved. The super height increases the internal water loss of the valve-regulated sealed rechargeable battery, reduces the contrast of the lithium battery electrolyte (reduction of the glass wool diaphragm lithium battery electrolyte), and reduces the battery capacity and life cycle.

(4) Installation and running quality of rechargeable batteries

The installation of the bottle does not meet the requirements, and the use of the bottle is very dangerous. During installation, the RF connector in the middle of the battery is not fixed. The resistance between the connector and the RF connector expands. A large amount of heat is generated and burned when the battery is charged, causing the entire battery to be destroyed. The temperature sensor in the battery is not installed or installed correctly. When the temperature sensor in the battery is high, the operating voltage of the battery cannot be adjusted.

(5) The main parameters of the battery management method are not properly set

The main parameters of the power transformer related to the battery management method are battery capacity, current index, Floating operating voltage, primary and secondary operating voltage, automatic charging standard, and temperature-compensated operating voltage. For example, the primary and secondary low-voltage settings are too low working voltage, so that the bottle current is charged and discharged, or even deep overcharged and discharged, and the negative plate hydrochloric acid is increased, which will reduce the battery capacity and service cycle. The wrong battery capacity setting harms the charging current of the battery and makes the charging current of the battery too large to be destroyed.

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