Factors affecting lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  Factors affecting lead-acid batteries

  The location of lead-acid batteries is mainly determined by the number of active materials that can participate in chemical reactions on the plate. But for users, the main factors that affect the scenery of the moss-It pool are the discharge current, the temperature and concentration of the 6 solution; the same lead-acid battery has different discharge rates, regardless of the discharge capacity: the higher the discharge rate, the discharge current The larger the battery, the smaller the capacity of the battery; vice versa. Then the released capacity is large. In order to avoid the painful discharge, the discharge rate is low and the discharge rate is low, and the voltage of the final discharge plant should be appropriately increased.

   The temperature of the electrolyte is in the range of 15-451j. The higher the temperature, the greater the capacity of Moss. If you use it at room temperature, you will generally take 25Y7 for you. Calculate capacity. Within the range of 10-351:, for every 1Y increase or decrease in temperature, the capacity of the battery will increase or decrease by 8 times of the rated capacity []()(). The LU solution must have a certain concentration, which can maintain the needs of electrochemical reactions. The electrolyte must also have the smallest resistance and fast diffusion rate, so that the battery has a large enough capacity. When the electrolyte concentration is appropriate, the relative density of the electrolyte should be in the range of]2()-13(). The height is 1:130, the electrolyte will increase the corrosive effect of the plate phase separator, which will shorten the battery capacity w in the life of the battery.'

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