Factors affecting battery performance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
The factors that affect battery reliability are divided into the following categories.   One. The impact of the charger on the performance of the battery. The battery charger is a very important part, and the charging conditions of the battery have a great impact on the life of the battery. If the battery has been in a constant voltage or 'floating' electrical charge state, the battery life can be maximized. In fact, the life of the battery in the state of charge is much longer than the life of the pure storage state. Because the battery charging can delay the natural aging process of the battery, the battery should be kept charged regardless of whether the equipment is running or stopped.   2. Battery temperature affects battery reliability Generally, the best operating temperature for lead-acid batteries is 20 degrees Celsius, and temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of batteries. The detailed experimental data shows that the battery life decreases by 10% every time the temperature rises by 5 degrees Celsius, so the design of the computer room should keep the battery environment at about 20 degrees. The computer room is best equipped with precision air-conditioning.   3. The impact of battery ripple current on battery performance. Ideally, in order to extend battery life, the battery should always be kept in a 'floating' charging or constant voltage charging state. In this state, a fully charged battery will absorb a small amount of charger current, which is called 'floating' or 'self-discharge' current. Although the battery manufacturer recommends this, some designs make the battery bear some extra small current, called ripple current. Ripple current is generated when the battery continuously supplies power to the inverter, because according to the principle of energy conservation, the inverter must have an input DC power to produce an AC output. In this way, the battery forms a small charge and discharge cycle. Fourth, the battery voltage affects battery reliability. The battery is composed of a single 'primary battery'. A volt battery is composed of 6 primary cells, a 24 volt battery is composed of 12 primary cells, and so on. When the UPS battery is charged, each primary battery connected in series is charged. The slightly different performance of the primary battery will cause some primary batteries to charge higher than other primary batteries, and this part of the batteries will age earlier. As long as the performance of a certain primary battery connected in series decreases, the performance of the entire battery will also decrease. Tests have proved that battery life is related to the number of primary batteries connected in series. The higher the battery voltage, the faster the aging.
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