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by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-28
“ Many enterprises didn't feel pressure, but in fact we have life on the line, any small fluctuations could lead to industry of destruction! ” Flow out of the words of this amazing, is lead-acid battery branch of China electrical equipment industry association, deputy director of Zhang Huanong. Despite his remind more alert, but after Revelations of heavy metal pollution, really pushed the lead-acid battery industry to the forefront. How should go next, it is a lead-acid battery in everyone mind heavy question mark. Lead-acid battery industry association held in Beijing in the 6th council of nine times, in addition to discuss plans for election at expiration of office terms work, work summary, modify the association rules and discussion related policies implemented by the country's new, more time, attention to the challenges facing is how to face the industry. Face a big test of environmental protection & other; Thirty years ago, the whole of China is less than 50 lead-acid battery enterprises, employees about 30000; Enterprise now has more than 1500, staff of about 450000; Thirty years ago, the market only vehicles, such as communication, and now our products are almost covers the whole field of national economy; Thirty years ago, the export of lead-acid battery to zero, has now become the world's largest exporter of lead-acid battery. ” Zhang Huanong a set of alliteration, a brief review of the incarnations of industry. Although our country is the world's largest producer of lead-acid battery, and the largest lead-acid battery consumption countries, and lead-acid battery technology reached the international advanced level, but flashy Numbers below, labeled the & other; Sunset industry & throughout; Put a high pollution & other label, Mark & throughout; The lead-acid battery industry, the road is not flat. “ The State Council has officially approved the 'comprehensive prevention and control of heavy metal pollution & lsquo; Five-year & rsquo; Planning ', this year the focus of the screening or lead-acid battery industry. ” Environmental protection a insiders said, will & other; Found a, solve a cautionary tale, a & throughout; 。 It was revealed that the tone is & other; Attitude to resolutely, means to strict & throughout; 。 We have learned, the control program is a list of Inner Mongolia, and other 14 important provinces for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution in jiangsu province, 138 key control areas and 4452 key enterprises, the prevention and control of at the same time, according to the situation of pollution and environmental situation drew 141 lead-acid battery enterprises, seven key areas, carry out comprehensive prevention and control of lead-acid battery. At the same time, the battery industry for pollutant emission standards are the second standard, this year is expected to release. In addition, the country will also be in the near future of lead-acid battery industry production access system and to implement cleaner production plan. Before the increasingly serious pollution treatment, lead-acid battery industry is very difficult to easily. The good and evil people mixed up industry & other; The industry need to re-examine the importance of environmental protection and invest more funds, some enterprises face up to five years to site selection problem of the move. ” Lead-acid battery branch secretary general wang lj, cautioned that environmental supervision will be more strictly in the future, the threshold of the new plant will also increase. In her view, this year to open country first introduced & other; Five-year & throughout; The prevention and control of heavy metal in planning, at the lead pollution prevention and control of battery industry. “ Investment of 75 billion yuan for this country to ensure that the implementation of the prevention and control planning, the current environmental protection special action has started. ” In fact, most enterprises, especially large lead-acid battery enterprises investment in the production environment and environmental protection equipment in increase year by year, some of them have become environmentally friendly enterprise, but the proportion of non-standard business is very large. “ Has nearly more than 1700 hair production license of the enterprise, the enterprise, a large number of environmental protection facilities has a problem. ” Told reporters wang lj, than with regular enterprise, these non-standard enterprises has unique conditions, such as environmental protection investment is small, there is no formal tax, together with improper means of competition, not only make the two companies can't fair competition, and the pollution to the environment caused great negative impact to the battery industry. Too many manufacturers, the sham as the genuine product, & other; Lead to enterprise profit ability is abate, mostly throughout strives for the survival difficult &; 。 Zhang Huanong concluded. Therefore, in the industry point of view, the prevention and control planning, more is an opportunity for industry. By strengthening the lead-acid battery industry consolidation, some non-standard enterprises will be eliminated, and specifications for the sustainable development of enterprises will benefit from it, after purification, the battery industry management order and environment will be improved.
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