Domestic present rapid development trend - battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
In recent years, the popularity of electric bicycle battery industry of another spring, various battery enterprise growth rate as high as 35% a year on average, are pushing the industry to a new milestone. Battery as the power source of the electric car, requires in performance to the electric car battery low consumption, large storage, fast charge, long life, low cost, etc. For now, to be able to meet the requirements of the electric car battery technology in the enterprise is not much, focused on the super power, the battery predators such as day. Thus it can be seen that the electric car energy market has been monopolized by a few large enterprises, lack of technical ability of the small and medium-sized enterprises will face reshuffle of the crisis, the virtuous cycle of competition against industry. The current domestic electric cars mainly focus on lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery still exist some technical bottlenecks, need to conquer the problem of enterprises through technological innovation, technological innovation is behind high funding support, although with the development of electric vehicle battery industry and the emergence of a new growth point, but its growth rate is not as many people predicted battery show rapid development momentum.
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