Domestic lead battery manufacturers, the size of the market will rise -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
Domestic lead-acid battery manufacturers in the market competition constantly improve the level of production technology, especially with the development of valve control technology and gel technology, part of the lead battery manufacturers have certain technical advantages. With the rapid economic development, China's electric cars, electric bicycles, wind energy, solar energy, communications and other industries also obtained fast development, won the huge market opportunity, lead-acid battery industry. At the same time, relying on product quality, price competitive advantage in the international market, our country lead battery rapid export growth, the main production base has become a global lead battery, the industry position in the global market is higher and higher. The weight of the battery, battery capacity depends on the area of the internal active substances, the main components of the lead-acid battery is lead. The proportion of lead is 11. 36 g/cubic centimeters, and therefore the greater the volume capacity, the greater the manufacturer of different if the nominal more weight under the condition of the same rated capacity, the heavier who normally is the more accurate data. Global lead battery market scale has 345. 7 million KVAH growth from 2005 to 2009 in 372. 9 million KVAH. In Asia, especially China market under the influence of rapid development, lead the world in 2012 will rise to 413. 7 million KVAH battery market scale, average annual growth rate of more than 4%. Lead battery application field widely, can be divided into starting with lead-acid batteries, power use lead battery market and industrial lead battery market, including industrial lead-acid battery market and can be divided into energy storage battery, emergency or spare battery market and other markets.
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