Domestic lead battery industry - into the winter period-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-25
In early 2012, our country began to goals and tasks of backward production capacity. As the lead battery industry access conditions issued and implemented, make lead battery number decreased obviously. The number of lead battery has from about 3000 compression now before the renovation of 1000 or so, the future of enterprise scale will be compressed to 300 or so. At present, the domestic lead battery industry serious overcapacity, but the expansion trend continues, in the lead battery industry generally into small profit and losses at the same time, the industry a new round of price war also began to rise, estimated lead battery will have massive shuffle, and the industry slump or continuation of the time will be even longer. But reducing the number of lead battery enterprises, there is no change of excess capacity, some enterprises in a clampdown on in the enterprise even began to buck the expansion of retained. In the current lead battery has serious overcapacity situation, aggressively adventurously live action will undoubtedly make the whole industry. After the Spring Festival each year, and in the third quarter was battery sales busy season, but lead to overcapacity in 2012 shows no lead battery market, sales have been & other Slack season & throughout; The phenomenon, and continue to weaken the momentum. In order to seize market, lead battery market have been playing out of the price war is inevitable. Lead-acid battery enterprises in order to achieve barriers to entry are a lot of investment, combined with their large lead-acid battery enterprises lead to market confusion, lead-acid battery industry in almost all losses. Lead-acid battery industry after more than ten years of rapid development is likely to be depressed for a long time, and even whole lead-acid battery industry will be cold in five years or so, or face a real winter.
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