Does the battery of the electric forklift need to be filled with water?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  Forklift training company tells you whether electric forklift batteries need watering


   Now many industries will use electric forklifts, Shenzhen forklift training company will provide people with forklift training, so they The understanding of forklifts will be better than the price, so Shenzhen forklift training company will master some small skills related to electric forklifts. Therefore, the editor of Shenzhen Forklift Training Company Daxing will analyze whether the electric forklift battery needs to be filled with water.


   Then the question is, why do you want to water the battery of an electric forklift?


   In the process of charging and discharging, due to electrolysis and evaporation, the water in the electrolyte will gradually decrease, thereby reducing the surface of the electrolyte. If it is not added in time, it may shorten the service life of the forklift battery.


  Q: Can you add water? Tap water? drinking water?


   tells you:


   The water provided to the battery of the electric forklift should be distilled water. Choose to drink pure water instead of distilled water. Not cheap. After all, pure water contains a variety of trace elements, and forklift batteries will have an adverse effect.


   Special attention: Sometimes the forklift does not start, many people think that due to the lack of electric storage of electric carriers, they often add electrolyte to the battery. The result is counterproductive and greatly shortens the battery life. Service life. The battery of the electric forklift is operating normally, and it can only be filled with water, no electrolyte! If the battery of an electric forklift is broken and the electrolyte is lost due to outflow, the electrolyte can be replenished. The electrolyte of the electric forklift should be supplemented according to the density of the original electrolyte.


  Q: When do I need distilled water?


   Shenzhen forklift battery, just gently open the small battery cap to see if there is a dry battery cap or the water volume reaches the warning line position, you can judge whether the battery needs to be filled with water . In addition, the battery panel is coated with white glass fiber cotton, which should be wet under normal conditions.


   Specific method: Inhale distilled water in a dropper and inject the battery from the vent. Cover the vent with a breathable shield to prevent dust from falling into the vent. It is best to use medical double distilled water. The principle of hydration is to drink less and more. Insufficient amount can be added, the specific gravity of the acid solution will drop more, and the battery capacity will be insufficient. Inexperienced, you can use glass, plastic, etc. eye drops according to 5ml per hole and rehydration tools. It is recommended to use a medical disposable syringe, which is convenient to use. Contact: 18038382979

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